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Baker Roommate?

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I am trying to find a roommate but it is quite difficult. My dear girlfriend is interested in finding a place with me, but she works at a bakery. She has told me that when she gets off from work her nostrils are full of flour.

Do you think it is possible to cohabitate with someone who works in that kind of glutenous environment? If so, what level of precaution would they need to practice to be safe??

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Personally, it would never be safe for me to share a place with someone who works in a bakery. My sensitivity to gluten is much too high for that. You may be less sensitive, or you may simply experience less noticeable reactions. So I guess it may be a judgment call - how dangerously do you like to live?

Your friend would probably need to change clothes (shoes too) and shower after work, before setting foot in your place. Coveralls and a hairnet might help to some extent I suppose.

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