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What do grapes and watermelon have in common? I promise, this isn't some sort of trick question or riddle!

Earlier this summer I got some awesome deals on watermelon and quickly realized that one of my very favorite fruits was giving me heartburn. Weird I thought, I grabbed my Tums, polished off my watermelon and didn't buy any more.

I could be a fruit-a-holic, I eat mangoes, apples, pears, peaches, all without problems. I was excited when I saw grapes on sale for $.99 a pound. That's a rare treat I thought, I'll get some! Not just some, actually, since they're super awesome frozen, I ended up buying four pounds with no intentions of sharing. :lol: I quickly learned that grapes are doing the same thing. Almost as soon as I start popping the grapes the heartburn starts.

So, this has me wondering, what on earth is it about grapes and watermelon that would do this? To the best of my knowledge no other fruits cause this problem. I've eaten only one cantaloupe this summer but was fine with it. I don't eat bananas (tyramine) but I know they don't cause problems. I put lime juice in my water with no issues. I'm probably forgetting some fruit or another that I eat or have eaten that I know I'm fine with, but if I think of any I'll be sure to update. I don't know if apple butter is different enough from apples or processed enough to be worth mentioning, but I eat plenty of that also with my cottage cheese and have no problems.

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My dd does this immediately with bananas and cantaloupe! The doctor said that "heartburn" can actually be your chest tightening with antaphalaxix. So you may be having a bad allergic reaction when it is immediate. I have not had her tested for bananas but she did test positive on a skin test for cantaloupe. We r asking for the banana test at our next appointment. This is just something for you to think about.

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