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Is This A Typical Celiac-Type Reaction?

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I accidentally ate flavored nuts with non-gluten free flavoring. 30 mins after I got an itchy throat and the next day I was congested, groggy, and nauseous. I had to stay in bed all morning and couldn't eat much at all. I was also instantly constipated and was having horrible cramps all day long. The following day I vomited as soon as I tried to force myself to eat of drink anything. I had the chills with no fever. The day after that was more of the same and since I wasn't keeping down much I went to the ER for fluids and to make sure the abdominal pain wasn't something more serious. My x-rays showed an IBS or celiac flare up, but nothing urgent. My that evening I started to feel better and the next day I felt fine. I tried a myriad of laxatives and nothing worked. I only got mucus and one rabbit pellet.

Is it normal to have a progressive gluten reaction over multiple days? It didn't seem like food poisoning or a virus to me.

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Yes, there is a wide wide variety of gluten reactions. Some last hours, some days, some weeks and a rare few months. Everyone seems to have different symptoms that they attribute to their own particular reaction to gluten. For example. I become very moody and angry for no reason. Then a migraine ensues, then it lifts 24 hours later and the DH blisters appear. My joints and muscles ache for a few days and then muscle weakness and maybe bladder spasms but not every time. Depends how bad the glutening. Then D for a few days, then feet swell and then suddenly it all lifts. This is from one contamination episode with tiny trace gluten...not from taking a bits of gluten by any means.

You would get a wide variety of responses to what happens when people eat gluten, but most of them know exactly that they have been glutened given the pattern of their symptoms post-glutening. Take note of yours and how long they last so you know for future reference to help determine what you need to avoid.

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