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It has been awhile since I have posted...been gluten free for awhile and I have been a little lax about my gluten intake...such as BBQ sauces, eating out etc...nothing I thought was major...what the heck was I thinking? I know better...I just got out of the hospital for a full cardiac work up for chest pain. They think it is now gastro related perhaps esophageal spasm with GERD. So I am now off to the gastro doc....probably an endoscope...I have never had one and have been gluten-free now for awhile and doing great until the past few months. My gastro doc knows I was negative for blood testing, and knows and of course was disappointed that I went gluten-free on my own, but said if I do ok Gluten free just continue on the diet...so now,things have changed and I will probably have an endoscope done. Who knows if he will make me do a gluten challenge, I,sure do hope not! Has anyone else had esophageal spasms? Thanks....

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