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Low Sals Oat Free Breakfast Bar

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I am experimnting with making a breakfast bar at home. The biggest problem so far is that i keep eating it before it is done :P

So yummy. So I have an oat problem and I am low salicylate. It is really hard to find a bar that its my needs so I decided to Make one to fit me.

I love cashews. I bought some cashews and put them in a processed with a little oil and sweetener. I decided to add puffed rice in with it. I mixed it in after the cashews were done and popped it in the oven. I too it out a few minutes later and omg! They were so delicious! They did fill me up like regular breakfast bars used to so I am determined to figure out now to make it hold shape.

So yummy just got to get it hardened better. Chewy but a definite bar. Any ideas anyone? I have heard you use a dehydrator or I could make a golden syrup instead of just pouring sweetener in the mix. Maybe someone has more experience with this...

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