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Chad Sines

Basic Multivitamin- gluten-free, Df, Sf?

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I am loving the SCD Diet. Finally controlling my GI issues pretty well. Definitely going grain free was a win for me. It also allowed me to show myself that my dairy intolerance is more of an allergy with ears shutting up, chest tightened a bit when i trialed some. That was interesting to learn.

I am recognizing that I probably need a basic multivitamin. Taking B12 shots and tanning for the vitamin D (the oral kind kills my gut and the rush of D gets me back in the gym and feeling great), fish oil (not in soy).

I keep annoying myself because every time I think I have found a dairy, gluten, and soy free multivitamin of decent strength..whammo..i get caught off guard. Just happened with Celiact. I did not notice that it had parts derived from dairy until my ears started closing off. grr. Frieda's seem like super limited baby strength vitamins. The SCD Complete from GI ProHealth appears to be okay; however, when it lists allergens not present, there is no mention of soy. That seems very suspicious to me as it is so common that if it was soy free, it would want to mention it.

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After someone mentioned these on here a few months back, I picked some up but have only tried them sporadically; trying to figure out other issues. In other words, I can't vouch for them for myself, yet. With that said, Solgar makes one called 'Vitamins Only' (no minerals) and on the front label it shows sugar, salt and starch free, in a vegetable capsule. On the back it says that they are free of yeast, wheat, soy, gluten and dairy products. HTH!

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