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Solaray Vitamins

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So I found some vitamins that I can take - Solaray Twice Daily Multi-energy. These are the ingredients on my bottle: Gelatin capsule, Eleuthero root, Cellulose, Magnesium stearate, Sodium alginate, Silica, Whole rice concentrate (including bran, polishings and germ), Carrot juice powder.

I went online and found it for sale on many websites. And the ones online have different ingredients - including soy!

I tried to go to THEIR website and when I click on, it takes me to a differnt address, a place called Neutrasuticals. They have a Solaray section but when I click on product information for this particular vitamin, there is actually no info at all.

I'm going to call their toll-free number tomorrow. There won't be anyone there today because it's Labor Day.

I was just wondering if anyone else uses these and if they do, could you tell me if YOURS contains soy? Something has been getting me lately. I thought it was that CC rice I bought but now I'm wondering if these vitamins are the culprit.

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