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Domino's In Leesburg, Virginia

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I thought I'd share a very positive experience that my family and I have had with Domino's Pizza located in Leesburg, Virgina (NOVA). Some history first -- when I first learned about Domino's "gluten free" pizza crust -- I called the location closest to us (in Ashburn, VA) and grilled them with the usual questions. Do you use a special cooking/baking sheet, separate utensils, separate sauce, cheese and toppings, change gloves/wash hands, etc.? I was told yes to everything - person sounded quite knowledgeable and not just a "yes man". BTW - had not visited their website, so I hadn't seen any of the disclaimers. So -- excitedly we placed our first take-out pizza order in years! It was delicious! Everything I could have hoped for! (Actually, I wonder if they are using Venice Bakery's crusts?? Tastes very similar. My freezer is always full of Venice's crusts -- but nothing like a pizza hot out of a true pizza oven!) Upon trying to place another pizza order a few weeks later -- this time from a different Domino's location (Warrenton, VA) -- I was told NO to every one of my questions. Then I was told the corporate response that Domino's pizza is not recommended for people for Celiac. I told the person on the phone - that happened to be the manager -- how truly ignorant that was! Seriously -- what's the point?!? <_< He, of course then adopted an attitude with me. So, buh-bye! I then proceeded to call the location that had been so helpful previously (remember? the one in Ashburn) Was met with the same obstinate "NO"! So frustrated and angry now -- and frankly scared, but relieved that my daughter did not have a reaction with our first Domino's experience. (When she is glutened -- is it painfully obvious as she starts to vomit about 1-2 hours after and continues to vomit for the next 4-6 hours.) So sadly, it seemed that was our first and last experience with Domino's. Until just recently! My husband, running errands with our two girls -- tired from a long day and not wanting to come home and cook a meal -- called me at work and asked about the Leesburg Domino's location. I told him he could call and ask, but not to get his hopes up. We couldn't take any chances with how severely our youngest reacts. He went inside the store and spoke to the manager -- Ejaz Amjad. Mr. Amjad was more than happy to help and listened carefully as my husband listed all of the requirements for a safe and truly gluten free pizza. Not only did he say the pizza would be prepared in a separate clean area -- he would open a brand new cheese, new sauce, and new toppings (with the exception of their alfredo sauce and philly steak toppings -- they are NOT gluten free). He said his restaurant goes through 8-10 bags of cheese each day -- and opening a fresh one for us would be no problem at all. After my husband ordered, left, and called to tell me about the experience -- I waited with baited breath for a gluten reaction from my little one -- didn't happen!!! :D Of course, I can't promise this excellent experience for everyone that may try a gluten free pizza from the Leesburg Domino's -- I wanted to be sure to pass on the manager's name (Ejaz Amjad) and our positive experience with him and his restaurant. I told him I was going to rave about him on this forum! While we understand that eating out anywhere is taking a risk -- it is so nice to see the smiles on my kids' faces while they're enjoying their take-out pizza. It is amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant can bring such joy and normalcy to our family! Good luck and in case anyone wants to know -- this is the Domino's on Edward's Ferry Road in Leesburg.

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It is great to hear about your super positive experience.

It is always refreshing to hear about businesses that execute effectively.

I know how painful the CC's are for me to deal with, I can only imagine how hard it must be to watch it poison your daughter.

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