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My Frustration Level Is At An All Time High

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I've drank Ocean Spray with no problem for 25 years, the change to Cane Sugar was just recently and that an immediate poison to me.

After the Ocean Spray got me, and I saw the cane sugar on the ingredient list I searched on cane sugar intolerance and found a plethora of sites discussing this. Evidently cane sugar is very similar to wheat.

I have never had a problem with Ocean Spray, ever.

Could you please direct me to your information?


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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Cane sugar is derived from sugarcane, which is closely related to maize (corn). They are species in the same tribe, Andropogoneae, the sorghum tribe.

Wheat is not in the same tribe, and is in a different subfamily. All belong to the poaceae family (grains).

The sugar in cane sugar is sucrose (C12H22O11) which is quite different from fructose (C6H12O6). You may have an issue with the sugar itself, rather than the plant from which it is sourced.


Diagnosis by biopsy of practically non-existent villi; gluten-free since July 2000. I was retested five years later and the biopsy was normal. You can beat this disease!

Type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes diagnosed in March 1986

Markham, Ontario (borders on Toronto)

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I wonder if you might have a problem with the entire grain family, an intolerance or mild allergy? Like Peter said, Sugarcane is in the grass family like all grains. And you have to avoid all grains at the moment, yes?

If this is the case, I believe that sugar cane and bamboo are the only two foods in that family that aren't grains.

But buckwheat ISN'T in the grass/grain family, so that might be promising news, if this turns out to be the case. :-)


Gluten free since August 10, 2009.
21 years with undiagnosed Celiac Disease

23 years with undiagnosed sulfite sensitivity

25 years with undiagnosed mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) 


Daughter: celiac and MCAD positive

Son: gluten intolerant
Father, brother: celiac positive

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