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Feeling Terrible

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So I had my blood work done... came back negative but I was only eating gluten for a couple of weeks so no surprise there. I went back to gluten free anyway. My doc wants to do an endoscopy despite my results but I just started a new job and can't risk being sick at work... although this time on the gluten free diet I'm not finding any relief. I'm taking lactaids with and dairy products because I know I might have temporary lactose intolerance but even that doesn't seem to be helping. My major symptom is just really strange and inconsistent bm. Sometimes they are pale, always piecy, often times there is a long piece of what looks like onion skin or clear lettuce... sorry, I know this is gross. Its just loose all the time and I'm always straining. The worst part is I have interstitial cystitis and whenever I am constipatd it really exacerbates my bladder symptoms. I started taking my medication for ic out of the capsules because I didn't know if the capsules were safe.

I really wanna stay strong until January and if nothing improves go to my doctor again. At least by then my job went be so new.

I just need some advice on things I could be doing to help this process. Should I take fiber supplements and if so which ones are safe? Unfortuanely (or maybe fortunately) I can't tell when I have been "glutened" very easy because my symptoms are so constant...

Any advice would be appreciated!

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I know when I was first diagnosed it seemed I was sensitive to EVERYTHING! Have you tried cutting out caffeine, fatty foods, processed foods as well as dairy? After a year I can now do processed and dairy as long as I don't over do, but fatty and caffeine will still aggravate my very sensitive (and obnoxious) stomach. Early on natural foods seemed safest, and cooked veggies and fruits were better tolerated than raw.

Good luck!

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Peppa_minto, I am sorry your thread seemed to be rather bypassed by posters. I just wanted to tell you that when you are first new to gluten free often the gluten has had an effect on your pancreas which is not putting out enough enzymes to properly digest your food, which is why you sometimes get undigested food in your stool. Buy a good quality gluten free digestive enzyme that you take with your meals and this should help. Since the gluten may well have given you a leaky gut, a good quality probiotic will help with the healing and many posters have found that taking L-glutamine also helps with healing.

Psyllium fiber supplements are gluten free if you need it to avoid constipation.

Generally capsules are made of gelatin and are safe.

Maybe some of these issues have been answered in other threads, but just in case... :)

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