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Barbara-just starting

Gluten Withdrawal - Abdominal Water Retention?

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I have gluten sensitivity that affects only my joints. I am hypothyroid with partial pituitary failure. I am fortunate not to have Celiac disease.

I gave up gluten two weeks ago and had symptoms that were reported here and elsewhere: unusual sinus drainage, brain fog, dark moods, irritability, fatigue, etc. But one symptom I haven't found mentioned anywhere is water retention in the abdominal area. Did anyone else experience this, by any chance? It is so extreme that it interferes with my eating, especially at night. And I do need to get dinner b/c I am on a blood sugar lowering medication.

I am very concerned about this symptom because (i) I can't find it reported elsewhere, and (ii) I want to confirm it's withdrawal-related, so I will know it will end. (It is not bloating; I have seen that symptom reported in almost all withdrawal symptom descriptions.)

(I do take a lot of medications (HRT and for depression, arthritis, anxiety, hypothyroidism, and insulin resistance), and I haven't finished the research on them to confirm that all are gluten-free. That work is ongoing.)

Thank you.

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I don't know what the difference between being bloated and retaining water in the abdomen is, but all I can tell you is that I've lost 2 lbs and my pants are uncomfortably tight. I've been gluten-free for about 4 weeks and had my first unintentional glutening about a week ago. I'm not sure why my abdomen is soooo swollen, all I can tell you is that it most definitely is! I found it difficult to eat tonight- as if there wasn't anywhere for the food to go.

I also have a thyroid condition (Graves disease). Even though I'm hperthyroid, my TSH levels about 2 weeks ago were in the hypo range. I thought this was an interesting connection as well...

I hope we both have flatter bellies soon :)

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Here is a pattern I experience when losing water weight. Water seems to collect in my abdomen and thighs. Then I run to the bathroom 20 or more times a day. After a couple of days of this the swelling begins to abate. My clothes feel baggy about 4 in the afternoon. I think I also begin to feel my clothes when usually I don't. My weight currently is fairly stable with about a 6 lb weight gain coming and going.

I hope you will do well.


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