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Im just a bit over 5 weeks into the gluten free life. Ive done remarkable if I do say so myself. :D I've started walking just about every day of the week. The only reason I don't do it everyday is because my kids running around lives have taken over mine recently. But the thing is, I feel like doing it. Im also contemplating running again. Ever since my fibro fully kicked in just over a year ago, I had to completely stop any exercising. So this is huge for me. My ONLY complaint is I have been bloated non-stop. Here I am thinking I am getting fat because of the new diet but the scale hasn't moved either way. I used to have severe gas and bloated occasionally (mainly after a heavy meal). But this is all the time. Im on probiotics which I believe have helped me in being as regular as Ive ever been. Ive read a lot on here and some suggest digestive enzymes. What exactly are those and how do they work? Also, where can I find them for a good price? We are a one income family and with all my daily meds, Culturelle is a bit on the expensive side for me. :( What all ingredients do I need to look for in a good digestive enzyme tablet? Ive learned about what the probiotics need, now its time for me to learn about this. Thanks in advance!

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I recently added digestive enzymes to my clearly-too-many-to-count supplements because I'm trying to increase the absorption of a supplement I'm taking to treat my cancer. The one that was recommended to me at the healthfood store (and which was not very expensive at all) is Enzymedica Digest Basic Essential Digestive Enzymes, and it contains the usual enzymes: protease, amylase, Lipase, etc.

However, your bloating may be attributed to a sensitivity to something in your diet other than gluten. Have you been eating gluten-free breads and other gluten-free products that contain either xanthan gum or guar gum? These ingredients oftentimes cause bloating, so I eat very small portions of such baked goods. Otherwise, I feel terrible! Also, you might try eliminating dairy, soy, and nightshades from your diet to see if the bloating is relieved. Then you can add them back into your diet one by one. Some of us are even sensitive to rice. Anyway, I strongly suspect a food sensitivity rather than a need for digestive enzyimes.

I'm sure others will pop in to share their ideas, too.

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