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Horrible Reaction, Gassy, Need Recovery Help

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About three months ago I began taking my intolerance to gluten very seriously. When ingested I get "the feeling", extremely bloated, lingering gas smells, and very foul smelling stool. It's been so bad I have been embarrassed in social situations. About a two weeks ago I started craving bad foods and went off the diet a few times. Last Monday I ate Pizza for lunch (bad bad boy) and I paid dearly for it. Usually I can recover quickly from cheating but it has gotten much worse since I have been staying on gluten-free diet. After a few days I was ok, with the exception of extreme gas after eating lactose, meats and eggs. A new symptom is occurring - After making a BM and being glutened, when I sit down I am exerting gas to the point where other people have noticed. This could be up to an hour after going to the bathroom. I am wondering what I should eat to heal my insides. I still (a week after) feel torn up and am trying to be good but noticing that heartier foods still aren't being digested properly. Should I just keep eating bland for a while? Will the gas and strong odored stool get better?

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