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I'm Back...

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Cripes, the dust is finally starting to settle from the international move. We're in our house (which the renters semi-trashed...home improvement projects were not on my 'to do' list for right when we returned!), DD has successfully launched at her new school (phew) and DH is settled in his year-long assignment. Oh, and the dog finally seems to be chilling out because he was a anxious wreck after all the travel.

I've been visting doctors and a wonderful nutritionist (seriously, I love this woman) who have all confirmed that I did not receive the proper follow-up care post-diagnosis. Gee, ya think?!?! I'm still anemic -- which the doctors have labeled 'worrisome' but my antibody test is negative so yay me, I've got the gluten-free diet under control. I finally feel like I've got some medical professionals who know what they are doing and don't dismiss my continuing health issues as "all in my head" or "due to stress so just relax a little bit."

So, in the near future is another scope just to check status of healing and to check for any other organic problems that could be causing the continued pain. Tho in working with the nutritionist and eliminating corn, beans, and almost all gluten-free grains seems to have helped the pain situation somewhat.

Anyway, I'll be posting about my eval by Dr. Fasano and details about the nutritionist because honestly, she's amazing.

Hope everyone had a great summer!

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Welcome back!!! So sorry to hear about the house, but hey - you found a nutritionist. Things balance out a bit. We will be looking forward to a report on your visit to Dr. Fasano. :)

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