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Is Teff Safe For You?

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Generally in internet teff said to be safe, here I found a link which says to completely avoid it.


So frustrating - I have huge problems to feed my son, and I used to give him teff pasta that he loves.

He is on steroids so I cannot find out now if he tolerates teff or not...

Many thanks in advance to you for your experience

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I used teff flour without a problem and don't know why Dr. Kalish would include it on a list to avoid. All grains have gluten but not the kind of gluten we have to avoid as in wheat, barley or rye.

Teff is gluten-free. Check this list of Safe Gluten-Free Foods

I see that he also has dairy products listed as being unsafe. Unless you have a lactose or casein intolerance, there's no need to avoid them although it is suggested you may have to avoid dairy right away until you have healed. I did right away but was able to add them back into my diet.

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Since the link you provided is to a man's website who "teaches people how to be a functional med practitioner" and who also sells products, I am more inclined to believe the Celiac research centers that assure us that teff is a safe grain.

For what it's worth, I have also used teff flour in baking with no problems.

Best wishes to you and your little one!

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