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Is Glutinous Rice Safe?

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I think the major difference between glutinous rice and other types of rice is the starch. Glutinous rice's starch is almost completely amylopectin (which is why it's so sticky). 'Sticky corn' (I think it's called field corn in the US - it's what we feed cattle) is also high in amylopectin. If you can find sticky corn, try some - if you react, you could be sensitive/allergic to that starch.

In terms of processing, most Korean rice is water-polished. The water is Korea isn't the cleanest, so you could be reacting to a contaminant in the water. That being said, my skin is really sensitive to water contaminants. I only have trouble with water in Seoul - I've never had a skin reaction to water in the countryside. I doubt that the water is causing your reaction (unless you're extremely sensitive...).

One point that everyone else has missed is your dry skin problem 'downstairs'. I get hives from scented toilet paper and I get a beautiful rash on my face from scented tissue. Try switching to unscented, unbleached toilet paper. Give it a month and see if there's any improvement. Also check your body wash. Your skin downstairs is pretty sensitive - scented or harsh soaps can make you itch down there, even if nothing else dries out or gets itchy. If the toilet paper change doesn't help, try using castille soap (preferably unscented) when you wash. If that doesn't work, you could always try a steroid cream (i.e. for eczema). I think you can get the cream from any pharmacist. Stronger creams need a prescription, though. (For me, the creams didn't work. Now I use liquid castile soap and ground sea salt as a scrub on my dry skin patches & that's cleared up most of my skin problems (well, that and the allergy meds I take).)

Cheers & good luck!

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Nothing to add, but I'd like to welcom Battlekittyspastica and compliment you on your screen name! I USED to have a cat like that, but alas, she is old now and a more fitting name for her would be Floppykittylazica. :lol:

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