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Difference Between Gluten And Wheat Skin Test Vs Actually Eating It?

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I posted earlier about a gluten and wheat skin test (administered by allergist) that I had being NON-REACTIVE (negative) and recent elimination diet that seems to point to gluten being the cause (more pain from eating foods with more gluten).

Can anyone explain the difference between the gluten and wheat skin test, which uses gluten and wheat viscous being "scratched" onto the skin vs actually eating it?

Because I was NON-REACTIVE to the skin test but when I eat foods with gluten in them I seem to get more of a reaction.

My Celiac profile bloodwork, endoscopy, pillcam, biopsies, were all NORMAL/NEGATIVE.

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I'll give it a shot:

Gluten Allergy = IgE / Histamine reaction to gluten which can cause allergy symptoms - flushed skin, itching, rashes, breathing problems, etc. Allergy is diagnosed by blood &/or skin tests.

Celiac Disease = IgA and/or IgG antibodies are produced in reaction to ingestion of gluten proteins - these antibodies are in reaction to the proteins of gluten, but damage the tissue of the small intestine - as the villi or the small intestine are damaged/flattened/atrophied the body has difficulty absorbing nutrients. Items can pass into the bloodstream through the damaged intestinal barrier - rather than properly broken down and absorbed thru the villi. Over 300 symptoms to all systems of the body result from the lack of proper nutrient absorption. Celiac Disease is diagnosed by positive celiac blood work &/or positive biopsy of intestinal tissue.

Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance = not enough research. Many of the same symptoms and body systems malfunctioning without measurable immunologic response. There are no current medical tests that can determine intolerance. The only test is elimination of all sources of the gluten proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats.

Clear as mud ;)

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