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Blood Test Not Accurate!

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Hi everyone,

I just had a saliva test done for food allergies and it turns out that I'm allergic to gluten.

My worse fear came true! I love bread!

Just about a year ago I had an allergy blood test done by my doctor for gluten and wheat and it came out negative. I was puzzled. What was it in bread that I'm allergic to? I knew that I have stomach problems with most breads and other flour products.

Well, now after the saliva test turned out positive for gluten, I'm not a happy camper. I'm already on a vegan diet and people always ask me if that is not too difficult. Gluten free eating is much more difficult!

Well...I guess the blood test from the doctor is not accurate.

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Maybe the saliva test isn't accurate? I'm not really heard of a saliva test for food allergies? Maybe someone els has info on that.

But....if you have problems with eating bread, etc, why not get real Celiac testing? You can always go gluten-free without a diagnosis if it makes you feel better.

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Maybe you are confusing allergy and celiac which is an autoimmune response.

I am not familiar with the saliva allergy? test. But it is possible if the doctor tested you for wheat AND gluten that it was in fact a celiac test. It is possible to test negative for celiac disease and still have problems with gluten - it is called non-celiac gluten intolerance, and requires the same gluten free diet.

Welcome to the board and ask any other questions you need to.

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