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Probiotics - Which Brand And Do I Have To Worry About Gluten?

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I have taken Probiotics in the past, even before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was taking 15 billion organisms and when compared to my new dosage of 100 million I realize how well the 15 billion was working for me. I am realizing that I really need Probiotics, because they did seem to help. I think it was a Vitacost brand (been awhile).

I was wondering do I have to worry about Gluten being in Probiotics? I previously read some threads out here about Probiotics having gluten in them. Is this true?

And does anyone know if Vitacost is okay? Can anyone recommend a 10-15 billion organism probiotic that is $15-$20 that is Gluten-free?


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I can't recall hearing of probiotics containing gluten. Wondering whether it might've been in a combo pill as opposed to a 'just probiotic'.

They really can make a noticeable difference, can't they? I remember being glad to have something as clearcut as it was for me, otherwise buried in so many wishy-washy inconclusives re pills, treatments, other (non-gluten) foods.

I don't know Vitacost brand, but I think there are many good options.

I've seen it said that occasionally changing brands is recommended, as the gut appreciates the variety, but I can't say whether it's true or even generally thought to be true. I'd like to hear what others w/ more experience would comment on that.

I ended up finding that brands grown w/ dairy affect me, but as it's not really an ingredient, doesn't need to be on the label. :(

Lately I've been using one labeled 'Vegetarian Formula", which is manufactured some other way. At Whole Foods, I get the green-lidded PB8 - their regular one has a blue lid.

Says 14 billion. I'm not sure what significance there is to some being refrigerated in the store & some not. These aren't tho I keep 'em in the fridge at home.

But my main point is that I think you'll find there are a lot of good choices for gluten-free probiotics.

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I've taken a few different ones but the one that is now working the best for me is Align. My nutritionist was the one who recommended it...it is a bit higher in cost than some of the others but my God, it is great. You only take it once a day and it has definitely helped my system get more balanced. I have a standing order placed with a big online retailer and it comes in at a little over $20 for a 28-day supply. I've just found out my BJs is supposed to carry it in a big pack so I'm going to check the price there.

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