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Stomach Ache After Eating?

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Hello all!

I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance a little over two months ago. Going completely gluten free has been difficult. Last week, I was glutened and ever since I have had issues with C which I've tried to help with fiber supplements. Anyway, ever since I was glutened, I've had really bad stomach aches right after eating, no matter what I eat. No bloating or anything, just a bad stomach ache that lasts like, 10-20 minutes. Has this happened to anyone else after being glutened? How do I make it stop? Could it be from the fiber supplement (Konsyl psyllium, 2 tsps a day)?

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If you are taking the fiber supplement to try and help with the C you could try upping your water intake and perhaps do some more fruits or veggies. If the pain started the same time you started the supplement it could be something you don't tolerate. You could drop it and see if the pain stops and then maybe add it back in after a couple weeks pain free and see if the pain happens again.

It may not work for you but when I get stomach pain from a glutening or soying Pepto Bismal liquid helps. For some it might make C worse but that isn't the case for me.

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