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Alright so when i moved into this apartment i "inherated" for the lack of a better term some items. Of these items are cooking backware, a sheat, round, and a glass one. With the exception of the glass one, the rest look like they've been through the mill. No, i don't know how long they've been there, and yes, i did report the items when i did the damage report for the apartment (something the school makes us do when we move in).

So yeah, i'm stuck with them.

The big question is should i use them? Or should i just go out and buy something else when i get the chance to?

Oh dear... :unsure:

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If they are beat up non-stick I'd skip it and store them out of the way.

If they are metal that can be scrubbed - scrub them - brillo pads work great to scour them. If you have a dishwasher...run them thru after you scrub them well.

If still in doubt - line with foil until you can purchase your own.

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If you can, buy new ones. Or get some good used stainless-steel or glass ones and give em a really really good scrubbing before using them. No teflon or any coating that has been/could be scratched (I got cheapo new baking pans a while ago and the non-stick coating was coming up with the food! aack! Ruined food and ruined pan. Not cool). As for the bake-ware, if you can't get new stuff now, line the pans with tinfoil, or use deep cup liners for muffins and such. Also makes stuff easier to clean.

When you do have the cash, invest in some good stuff (or suggest practical gifts for xmas or something).

Or just put them in a box until you move out.


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