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Enterolab Results - Help Me Understand Gene Results

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I'm a little confused by my results. Are they indicative of Celiac or gluten sensitivity? My symptoms have gone away since I have gone gluten free, so I will continue that path. Since I have genes from both parents, should I have my children tested? They have been gluten free for a couple months, but I'm wondering if I should have them do the gluten challenge and do a blood test for them. They (triplets) are almost two, but I only saw symptoms in one of my daughters. Not sure where to go with my kids, as I'm seeing improvements with their gluten free diet, but it would be helpful to get an official diagnosis.

Any insight or advice is appreciated. Thank you!!

These are my results:

Date: 11/2/2012

B) Gluten/Antigenic Food Sensitivity Stool/Gene Panel

Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 8 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units)

Fecal Anti-casein (cow

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I'm pretty new to this, I just got my enterolab results yesterday but have been researching a lot of what they meant. Maybe someone else has better answers but it doesn't really look to me like you are showing gluten sensitivity since your test was less than 10. Also the genes you have are not indicitive of celiacs, so you could be gluten sensitive but probably not celiacs. Your daughters would have at least one gluten senisitive gene from you. I don't know about doing a gluten challenge I don't think a gluten sensitivity would show up on a blood test but maybe someone else could chime in better on that.

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Maybe you could contact the lab and get your results interpreted in English. I tested with another lab and was wholly impressed., I got a full explanation of the genetic results and also they could tell me about my parents and children's genes since mine were 4/4. I had 2 genes alleles for celiac and two for gluten intolerance. These are listed by my profile. I know there is some mistrust of these tests, but my chiro and MD backed them. The MD called them the new gold standard. There is a difference of opionion and each should decide carefully for themself.

My reactions when I went gluten free definatly backed my test results. I am optismistic that others who have undergone this testing also may chime in.


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