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Wholly Tomato is a sandwich shop in Denver, Co. I have eaten there a total of 3 times. The first two times the bread was really, really dry (irish soda bread), they poured the watery condiments on the bread (for moisture, i think) and they were overall pretty tasteless. It also took over 15 minutes to make two sandwiches (all 3 times) and we were the only ones in the place. I ate there because I wanted to support a local business that offered gluten-free sandwiches and kept hoping it would get better over time. The third time, I got sick. My husband had a sandwich too, which was not gluten-free but made in the same area. I called when I got home and explained what happened. They claimed there was no way I could have gotten sick. They never apologized and took no responsibility. I guess they just don't want to stay in business. Isn't frusrating when you pay a lot of money ($7 a sandwich) for something you really want (and miss) and then get let down and sick?!!

I just need someone to listen who would understand!


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Wholly Tomato is a sandwich shop in Denver, Co. I have eaten there a total of 3 times. The first two times the bread was really, really dry (irish soda bread), they poured the watery condiments on the bread (for moisture, i think) and they were overall pretty tasteless. It also took over 15 minutes to make two sandwiches (all 3 times) and we were the only ones in the place. I ate there because I wanted to support a local business that offered gluten-free sandwiches and kept hoping it would get better over time. The third time, I got sick. My husband had a sandwich too, which was not gluten-free but made in the same area. I called when I got home and explained what happened. They claimed there was no way I could have gotten sick. They never apologized and took no responsibility. I guess they just don't want to stay in business. Isn't frusrating when you pay a lot of money ($7 a sandwich) for something you really want (and miss) and then get let down and sick?!!

I just need someone to listen who would understand!



I really wonder about people in the service industry who forget about service. It is nice to support the local businesses, but when they don't show any appreciation to you, the customer, their reason for being in business, then you don't have to frequent their establishment. And for $7 (did that include drink?) you could buy a loaf of gluten-free bread, freeze part of it, and some sandwich makings of your own. And you probably woudn't have the cross contamination issue which is most likely what happened to you. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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I must say that I find this story about Wholly tomato hard to believe. I live downtown and eat there at least once a week and only had dry bread once. Guess what? I asked them if they wouldn't mind remaking the sandwich with fresh bread and they did it no problem. And yes, this woman is right, it does take awhile, but they told me it is because they wipe everything down before they make anything gluten free to prevent cross-contamination. Hey if that takes 15 minutes then I am willing to wait to not be sick. I'm not saying she didn't get sick, I don't know that, I mean, they serve regular bread right along side the gluten free so I guess that given enough time a mistake is going to happen. But I have become friendly with several people who work there and what she is alleging about them not caring when she called to complain just doesn't make sense.

I’m not sure why she went back three times if the food was as bad she says it is. I must say that I found her posting another story about Wholly Tomato on a vegan website with different facts, so I am not sure which story to believe. http://www.vegguide.org/vendor/reviews.html?vendor_id=781,

My advice to you is to go. It is a great place and they have great food, just make sure to tell them that you are gluten intolerant and they will go the extra mile to take care of you, and yes, it will take a few extra minutes, but it is worth it. And if something isn’t as good as you would expect, for gosh sakes “TELL THEM” I’m sure they will be happy to fix it. Why would you eat terrible food and not say anything?


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I think it's wonderful that Wholly Tomato exists. Any resturant that helps with the gluten-free diet is to be appreciated! But like anything else, not every experience is going to be enjoyed by everyone. That's why there are lots of different kinds of resturants. As the gluten free market expands, I think it would be unrealistic to expect to like the food at every resturant. It's just that with gluten-free, there are so few choices, so when one doesn't suit, it's all the more disappointing.

I wonder, since you live in Denver, have you tried Deby's Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe? It is in E. Denver on Trenton and Illif, two blocks east of the intersection of Evans and Quebec. 2369 S. Trenton Way, Unit M. The whole restaurant is gluten free, so no contamination conerns. There is a full breakfast and lunch menu, with pizza too. Plus you can get all kinds of bakery items, plus frozen soup and frozen entrees, take and bake pizzas, fresh ground sausage (lots of varieties), frozen meatballs, plus boxed mixes.

Yes, I am connected to the establishment, so I hope no one minds my posting this. But I knew from your mad face post that you had had a bad experience and I wanted to help.

Hope to see you soon,

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Kaytee -First of all, I did call to complain and was told there is no way I could have gotten sick there. I agree that the fact they don't care, doesn't make sense, good business sense. I have been gluten-free for 5 years and know when I get sick. I know several people in the restaurant business in Denver and all agree the sandwiches are tasteless and the bread is really dry. I did tell the female owner the sandwich wasn't that great and they said gluten-free bread is dry and they do the best they can. I told you before why I ate there. I wanted to see them succeed but they never got any better. I think 15 minutes is too long to make a sandwich, that is MY opinion. My story on the vegan website is exactly the same. The restaurant's quality is poor and I will not go back there. You actually put on the website "I don't know maybe she is new to gluten free bread because I have only had a few that were not somewhat dry." (does this give the restaurant your permission to serve dry bread??) First of all, unlike you, I have had pretty good gluten-free sandwich bread and cookies from Outside the Breadbox that are TO DIE FOR. Since your handing out so much advice, here is some for you. Why don't you stop taking things other people post that has nothing to do with you, so personally?


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I just posted because the tone of your post was very nasty and I just didn't believe it. And I still think that it is bizzarre that you would eat food you didn't like and not say anything, not once, not twice, but three times??? Evcept for telling them you got sick you remained silent. That just doesn't make sense. I'm not taking your post personally but I like the place and I want them to do well and I know several people who feel the same. I just think it is in poor taste to not say anything to the restaurant about the quality of the food and choose instead to go online and trash them. The fact that you posted nasty things on a site that wasn't even a gluten-free site tells me that you are just angry and are looking to hurt them. Your motivation didn't seem to come from a person who had a bad experience and wanted to let others know about it, as much as it was an attack in an attempt to undermine thier business.

But that is really a side issue. I was in Wholly Tomato yesturday and asked AJ the assistant manager if she knew that you were out there trashing her restaurant. She told me that she remembered you well because it was one of only a handful of times that someone had gotten sick eating there. She said that she was very appologetic on the phone but that you were very angry. She thought you were just calling to vent because she said she offered to buy your meal the next time you came in and that you refused becasue you were never comming back.

Anyway, I just didn't feel like letting you get away with everything you said about them. Like suggesting that they "water down" their condiments to make the bread moist, is just silly.

In the end you post a reply to my post plugging another restaurant. So from my point of view I see a person who is trying to undermine a business and direct business to a compeditor.

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My name is Stephen Anson and I am the owner of Wholly Tomato. First let me apologize if you had an unpleasant experience at my restaurant. We decided to offer gluten free selections because our goal was total approach to health. Many people are now eating gluten-free for reasons other than allergies so we wanted to be able to accommodate them. It was also nice to be able to offer lunch fare to people who could not normally eat sandwiches and wraps. The response has been very positive.

There was a learning curve, however, and we have refined many things along the way. Most of the refinements came because of suggestions from customers, and for that we are very appreciative.

That being said, we are human and we are bound to make mistakes. The fact that you had three bad meals here is unacceptable in my opinion. But if I am not told about it, I cannot fix the problem or improve.

I have spoken with my assistant manager and she explained the situation when you called in. If she treated you the way that you explain in your post, then she wouldn’t work here anymore. That type of response is inappropriate, and for obvious reasons, suicide for any business.

I go out of my way to urge anyone who has compliments or complaints to share them with me so that I can improve the quality of the restaurant. Because of those comments, we have been able to make our food safer and better than when we first opened. We now offer a gluten free tortilla made of garbanzo beans, which now outsells the gluten-free bread three to one.

In short, I urge anyone who has a problem with anything in our restaurant to tell me. If a problem exists, I can only fix it if we are alerted to it. Posting a grievance only in an online forum does not allow us an opportunity to grow and improve and does not allow you the opportunity to get the great food that you paid for. And yes, our food is great. We have won awards at the Taste of Colorado, from the Rocky Mountain News and from 5280 magazine.

I would like to renew my assistant manager’s offer to you to provide you with a meal free of charge next time you are in our restaurant. We would love the opportunity to show you that we can provide you a tasty gluten free sandwich.


Stephen Anson

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Kaytee, you need to a grip. By the way, I was not angry when I called. That doesn't make any sense. Kaytee, you need to stop posting slander on this website. You don't know me nor does anyone at Wholly Tomato. I am not "getting away with" anything. I had a bad experience and the reason I posted was to let people know the restaurant didn't care when I called to complain.

Stephen, thanks so much for your response. I was upset due to your manager's response that there was no way I could have gotten sick from your restaurant. That was why I posted my message. I simply wanted everyone to know I got sick and your restaurant could have cared less - at the time. I was not offered a refund either. I do not appreciate people posting that your employee's claim I was rude or angry on the phone. I simply was not nor would I ever be. Do not post false information about me on this or any other website. I am done posting about it and wanted to let you know why I did and I appreciate your offer. I will not be going back to your restaurant as I don't want to risk it.



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Just wanted to throw in my 2 gluten-free Cents.

I ate at Wholly Tomato this past weekend. I found them on line and I couldn't resist the call of 'organic gluten-free fast food.'

Man, was I pleased with this find.

I don't make it to Denver much. But I'll be back just to eat here again.

In fact I think I'll preorder a 1/2 doz. of those Garbanzo bean tortilla's to-go. :) So good!

I appreciate Stephen's response above too. Every effort made, from the recipes to the presentation was sincere.

The homemade rootbeer and peach lemonade were very tasty.

I drooled :P over my gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie.

My wrap was fantastic and my wife thought the Irish soda bread was the best gluten-free bread she'd ever had.

I especially like the educational signs on the walls.

I haven't had any food or beverages with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for the last year (because I figured the Corn was genetically modified and Immune System supression was likely with all that sugar). My family thought I was going overboard but then they read the HFCS sign on the wall.

While none of my reasons were up there, I learned something new and the fam. is happy to join me in the my "non-fruc" life style.

There's something to be said about someone who's become Gluten Free.

After cutting out wheat, they don't fear change anymore.

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    Jefferson Adams
    Celiac.com 06/23/2018 - If you’re looking for a great gluten-free Mexican-style favorite that is sure to be a big hit at dinner or at your next potluck, try these green chili enchiladas with roasted cauliflower. The recipe calls for chicken, but they are just as delicious when made vegetarian using just the roasted cauliflower. Either way, these enchiladas will disappear fast. Roasted cauliflower gives these green chili chicken enchiladas a deep, smokey flavor that diners are sure to love.
    2 cans gluten-free green chili enchilada sauce (I use Hatch brand) 1 small head cauliflower, roasted and chopped 6 ounces chicken meat, browned ½ cup cotija cheese, crumbled ½ cup queso fresco, diced 1 medium onion, diced ⅓ cup green onions, minced ¼ cup radishes, sliced 1 tablespoon cooking oil 1 cup chopped cabbage, for serving ½ cup sliced cherry or grape tomatoes, for serving ¼ cup cilantro, chopped 1 dozen fresh corn tortillas  ⅔ cup oil, for softening tortillas 1 large avocado, cut into small chunks Note: For a tasty vegetarian version, just omit the chicken, double the roasted cauliflower, and prepare according to directions.
    Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a cast iron or ovenproof pan until hot.
    Add chicken and brown lightly on both sides. 
    Remove chicken to paper towels to cool.
    Cut cauliflower into small pieces and place in the oiled pan.
    Roast in oven at 350F until browned on both sides.
    Remove from the oven when tender. 
    Allow roasted cauliflower to cool.
    Chop cauliflower, or break into small pieces and set aside.
    Chop cooled chicken and set aside.
    Heat 1 inch of cooking oil in a small frying pan.
    When oil is hot, use a spatula to submerge a tortilla in the oil and leave only long enough to soften, about 10 seconds or so. 
    Remove soft tortilla to a paper towel and repeat with remaining tortillas.
    Pour enough enchilada sauce to coat the bottom of a large casserole pan.
    Dunk a tortilla into the sauce and cover both sides. Add more sauce as needed.
    Fill each tortilla with bits of chicken, cauliflower, onion, and queso fresco, and roll into shape.
    When pan is full of rolled enchiladas, top with remaining sauce.
    Cook at 350F until sauce bubbles.
    Remove and top with fresh cotija cheese and scallions.
    Serve with rice, beans, and cabbage, and garnish with avocado, cilantro, and sliced grape tomatoes.


    Roxanne Bracknell
    Celiac.com 06/22/2018 - The rise of food allergies means that many people are avoiding gluten in recent times. In fact, the number of Americans who have stopped eating gluten has tripled in eight years between 2009 and 2017.
    Whatever your rationale for avoiding gluten, whether its celiac disease, a sensitivity to the protein, or any other reason, it can be really hard to find suitable places to eat out. When you’re on holiday in a new and unknown environment, this can be near impossible. As awareness of celiac disease grows around the world, however, more and more cities are opening their doors to gluten-free lifestyles, none more so than the 10 locations on the list below.
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the U.S is a hotbed of gluten-free options, with four cities making the top 10, as well as the Hawaiian island of Maui. Chicago, in particular, is a real haven of gluten-free fare, with 240 coeliac-safe eateries throughout this huge city. The super hip city of Portland also ranks highly on this list, with the capital of counterculture rich in gluten-free cuisine, with San Francisco and Denver also included. Outside of the states, several prominent European capitals also rank very highly on the list, including Prague, the picturesque and historic capital of the Czech Republic, which boasts the best-reviewed restaurants on this list.
    The Irish capital of Dublin, meanwhile, has the most gluten-free establishments, with a huge 330 to choose from, while Amsterdam and Barcelona also feature prominently thanks to their variety of top-notch gluten-free fodder.
    Finally, a special mention must go to Auckland, the sole representative of Australasia in this list, with the largest city in New Zealand rounding out the top 10 thanks to its 180 coeliacsafe eateries.
    The full top ten gluten-free cities are shown in the graphic below:

    Jefferson Adams
    Celiac.com 06/21/2018 - Would you buy a house advertised as ‘gluten-free’? Yes, there really is such a house for sale. 
    It seems a Phoenix realtor Mike D’Elena is hoping that his trendy claim will catch the eye of a buyer hungry to avoid gluten, or, at least one with a sense of humor. D’Elena said he crafted the ads as a way to “be funny and to draw attention.” The idea, D’Elena said, is to “make it memorable.” 
    Though D’Elena’s marketing seeks to capitalizes on the gluten-free trend, he knows Celiac disease is a serious health issue for some people. “[W]e’re not here to offend anybody….this is just something we're just trying to do to draw attention and do what's best for our clients," he said. 
    Still, the signs seem to be working. D'elena had fielded six offers within a few days of listing the west Phoenix home.
    "Buying can sometimes be the most stressful thing you do in your entire life so why not have some fun with it," he said. 
    What do you think? Clever? Funny?
    Read more at Arizonafamily.com.

    Advertising Banner-Ads
    Bakery On Main started in the small bakery of a natural foods market on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Founder Michael Smulders listened when his customers with Celiac Disease would mention the lack of good tasting, gluten-free options available to them. Upon learning this, he believed that nobody should have to suffer due to any kind of food allergy or dietary need. From then on, his mission became creating delicious and fearlessly unique gluten-free products that were clean and great tasting, while still being safe for his Celiac customers!
    Premium ingredients, bakeshop delicious recipes, and happy customers were our inspiration from the beginning— and are still the cornerstones of Bakery On Main today. We are a fiercely ethical company that believes in integrity and feels that happiness and wholesome, great tasting food should be harmonious. We strive for that in everything we bake in our dedicated gluten-free facility that is GFCO Certified and SQF Level 3 Certified. We use only natural, NON-GMO Project Verified ingredients and all of our products are certified Kosher Parve, dairy and casein free, and we have recently introduced certified Organic items as well! 
    Our passion is to bake the very best products while bringing happiness to our customers, each other, and all those we meet!
    We are available during normal business hours at: 1-888-533-8118 EST.
    To learn more about us at: visit our site.

    Jefferson Adams
    Celiac.com 06/20/2018 - Currently, the only way to manage celiac disease is to eliminate gluten from the diet. That could be set to change as clinical trials begin in Australia for a new vaccine that aims to switch off the immune response to gluten. 
    The trials are set to begin at Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials Centre. The vaccine is designed to allow people with celiac disease to consume gluten with no adverse effects. A successful vaccine could be the beginning of the end for the gluten-free diet as the only currently viable treatment for celiac disease. That could be a massive breakthrough for people with celiac disease.
    USC’s Clinical Trials Centre Director Lucas Litewka said trial participants would receive an injection of the vaccine twice a week for seven weeks. The trials will be conducted alongside gastroenterologist Dr. James Daveson, who called the vaccine “a very exciting potential new therapy that has been undergoing clinical trials for several years now.”
    Dr. Daveson said the investigational vaccine might potentially restore gluten tolerance to people with celiac disease.The trial is open to adults between the ages of 18 and 70 who have clinically diagnosed celiac disease, and have followed a strict gluten-free diet for at least 12 months. Anyone interested in participating can go to www.joinourtrials.com.
    Read more at the website for Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials Centre.


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    • Dear Cyclinglady,   thank you for your help. Yes, I am trying to find out what my underlying condition is. But the doctors don’t help at all (insurance can’t be an issu since I have ful insurance). But they closed my case with the diagnosis: nonfunctional LES with constant taking of ppis for a lifetime. But ppis are making my problems even bigger so I trying to fing out what is happening. I’ve been convincing them to test me for celiac disease and because the result was negative (only IGA testing) they ruled it out. All I have is low vitamin d, low iron, same problems as before taking ppis, nausea with ppis, still bloating with gases and burping. Ppi works only 12 hours - the biggest dose. After 12 hours burping brings more acid to my esophagus. All that doctors say is that ppis should work and don’t believe me that in my case ppis are working just half of the time. I tried to take half dose in the morning and half in the evening but half dose helps only for 6 hours. So their suggestion is: take more ppis and another medicine for motility. and case closed for them letting me desperate and completely lost. Any help appreciated, Aya  
    • Posterboy, thank you sooooo much. I can’t tell you how greatful I am for your long and detailed answer. I have many additional questions (I asked you few more additional questions in my other post about celiac and reflux) I am just trying to find my underlying condition. I am afraid I’ll have to stay with ppi for two additional months, since I have esophagitis grade b, confirmed with biopsy a week ago. It was first time that I have inflamed esophagus. Last endoscopies showed only nonfunctional LES. I think this inflamarion is because od a panic attack after drinking coffee with a lot of sugar and nausea after that. Some coffees make me sick and some don’t. I would just like to find out what relaxes my LES and what is my underlying condition.  Ppis obviously don’t help, since my problema with bloating and gases and reflux are continuing. Stomach hurts when is empty. And I have huge amount of gases 1 hour after eating and during the night 4-6 hours after last meal. Please if you have any additional idea what could it be, tell me!!! Best, aya
    • Oh, wow, thanks, I was told by my doctor that I had the "full" panel but I guess not. Unfortunately I have the type of insurance that means I have to see her again before I can do anything else and she is out on vacation until July 10 so there is almost no point in trying to make another appointment before the specialist one. I doubt urgent care would do it?
    • Thank you all for your help!!! It’s a bit clearer now.  I had problems with gases and bloating and reflux a year ago and doc prescribed Lansoprazol. He said my lower esophageal sphiincter doesn’ t work properly.  I was taking lansoprazol 30mg for half a year with huge problems with nausea and even more bloating. Than I lowered the dose to 15 for next half a year and felt better and than stopped taking them. I’ve been off for a months when I started noticing numb tongue and reflux again. So I started taking ppi again. And it’s worse again. I know I have to stop using ppi, but I think I have underlying condition that is making my bloating and reflux and I have to solve it first so that reflux, which is my biggest concern, will go away. I have been anemic long years before taking ppi, now I have low vitamin d, and quite high result IGA 16 (celiac is >20). Can be reason for low vitamin d in ppi too or is more likely because of celiac? Doctors don’t want to make any additional test because they say celiac disease can’t be the reason since this test is negative. And so I am still searching what could be my primary problem. They just want to operate my LES and that’s it for them. But I know this won’t solve my problem since the reason has to be somewhere else. The problem is that the highest dose of lansoprazole is helping me for 12 hours and not 24 like it should. It’s just making my nausea worse and doesn’t help like it should I get bloated with reflux gases, burping 1 hour after eating. My last meal of the day is at 8 p.m. And the worst reflux attac is usually around midnight and 1 a.m. Aya
    • The full celiac panel includes: TTG IGA
      TTG IGG
      DGP IGA
      DGP IGG
      IGA A positive on any one blood test should lead to a gastroenterologist doing an endoscopy /biopsies to see if you have celiac. It looks like you are missing the DGP tests. Perhaps you can get them done while you are waiting for your gastro appointment. You could possibly have a more definitive result from them.  
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