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Trader Joes Creamy Almond Butter

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I had a banana last night with almond butter from Trader Joes. Two hours later I am laying wide awake , feeling like I drank coffee. My mouth was dry, urinated several times, and the next day pain in wrist and above knee. I am very in tune with my body and know when I eat something that is not right. I am not sure if it was contaminated with gluten or if there is pesticides in it that bothered me. Wondering if anyone else has been bothered by the trader joes almond butter. I will buy organic from another company from now on. I do not trust them and I know many of the nuts say it is on the same line as wheat. Why can't these places make it more pure? More and more people are having problems with gluten.

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I've been eating Tjoe's almond butter regularly w/out issue for probably 6 yrs. Mostly the Crunchy, tho I doubt creamy vs crunchy is a factor.

This label has the shared equipment warning for peanuts, tree nuts & soy. No mention of wheat.

I don't know if an organic one should be any different w.r.t. shared equipment. Isn't it a voluntary declaration? A company can use shared equipment for EVERYthing & not put it on the label at all.

I did have a horrible reaction once to a cashew butter I'll never try again & never knew what the prob was. Otherwise never a problem w/ cashews or 'shewbutters.

One almond butter brand kept pissing me off w/ hidden bits of almond shells, but not sure if it was an organic one. Maybe Marantha(sp?).

Hope you find one that works cuz it sure is a no-fuss easy & portable way to get something in the belly. I just dig in w/ a spoon at work.

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I have had some issues with the Trader Joes creamy almond butter and am wondering if there really is some cross contamination with it.   It seems that every time I have some I very quickly have stomach pain, bloating and headaches.     I did not have any dairy today or on previous days when I have tried..so this must be the culprit.   I don't have this reaction when using the single serve packets of another brand. (I cant remember which one that is )

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