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Bahumbug.... /incoming rant, be warned...

I dispise GERD at times. I took a nap without my incline pillow... and i woke up with GERD starting to act up. Thinking it might just be due to me not eating for a few hours, I decided to eat the rest of my soup. Uhuh... yeah.... well it didn't like it. So here i am with indigestion (luckily its not bad enough for my stomach acid to visit the back of my throat).

Its annoying at times.

I wish it would just go away for good, ya know? I hate waking up like that (was watching the news and fell asleep, bad idea). It could be worse. Right now its just plain annoying.

I mean before, when i had no clue what it was, it would freak me out, but now? Nope, natta, zip. Just an annoyance.

/end rant

I'm sure i'm not the only one that feels this way.

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