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Scared To Tears

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Oh great - I've never been given any kind of sedatives before so I wonder how much information I will let slip! :P Oh well, I would rather be really loopy than crying like a baby! :lol: It sounds like this may be a pretty interesting experience for me... (coming from someone who gets tipsy off of half a glass of wine) :rolleyes:

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I asked my mom about having my husband in there with questions but she said the room isn't big, there won't be room for him. I'm hoping he can still get in somehow and ask some questions because I'll want to know something.



They wouldn't let anyone be in the room for the actual procedure. My mom was there during the preparation but then they sent her away until I woke up. Then they brought her back in. There wasnt really any time for questions.

After it was over I *think* I saw the GI holding pics of what looked like my intestines. I had a million questions but nothing was coming out right. :rolleyes:

Everything is still fuzzy to me...my mom is still making fun of how I wasnt making any sense. I know the GI left in a hurry...said we talk when the results came in. I guess he didnt want to chat with a doped up girl who wasnt making any sense. <_<

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