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Coconut Dream

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Hi all,

Lately something has bothered my stomach. At first I thought it was just a stomach virus that is going through my house but now I think it is a food sensitivity. I've had the raw stomach pains, the bloating in my gut, and I'm getting weight gain and bloating elsewhere too... I'm beginning to think it's gluten but I'm not eating anything new so I'm a bit stumped.

It often happens in the mornings; I usually eat some sort of egg bake, sometimes a slice of bacon, or a gluten-free pancake (with extra protein powder, flax meal, and eggs in it). I guessed that it's gluten caused but I seem to get it every day. Then I thought of the coffee... it's the same everyday... and I put Coconut Dream in it every day...

I heard Rice Dream is processed using barley, are all the Dream products? Is Coconut ream safe? I looked around the internet a bit but didn't find much. Does anyone know anything? I'm lucky in that I live in a major city centre and can buy alternatives pretty easy, I just want to know if I have to switch. Thanks.

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