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[size=5]At the grocery store the other day, I checked out the meats. I noticed a package of turkey breast, which I use to frequently buy before I found out I had allergies to it. I absently passed on by.. I got a few feet away and stopped dead. "Wait" I told myself; I can have turkey! I turned and took a couple of steps back. Oh, right, I thought as I turned away again, but what fun are turkey nuggets without breading? I haven't had breading for months. I walked away. "But wait!" I got almonds back and can make breading with that! Tears in my eyes, I bounced over to pick some out! I felt like I had won a big contest. :P[/size]


[size=5]Maybe it was worth losing foods, so that I won't take them for granted when they get them back. :unsure: I had antibodies to nearly everything I ate over the years. I tested out super-sensitive to nearly everything. NAET started addressing these sensitivities beginning with basic nutrients such as vitamin B, Vitamin C, and sugar. At the end of the basic treatments I started multiplying foods back in. [/size]


[size=5]Several months back now, I told of a plan to try NAET treatments for my allergies. Quite a few things happened with that and I have been off while I am busy learning and talking about NAET. One readded food is coconut water, which last summer's attempts to drink brought immediate noises from the tummy and a rush to the bathroom. Now, when I drink it, the tummy is silent. Last year, my skin reacted for weeks when I got scraped by raspberry bushes. This year no reaction. Thus I am experiencing profound changes and feel hopeful I will be able to eat most anything (but gluten) in the near future.[/size]


[size=5][size=5]Yesterday my brother in law declared. "Dee, you look like you are so much better than a couple of years back. You just look like you feel so much better." Indeed, I sat watching the soccer game with a ready smile on my face. I felt good. Many things have worked together for my healing[/size]. I am happy that NOW extended family and family alike can see the blessed changes in my life. Recovery, has been complicated and long, but I have been carried through.[/size]


[size=5]Keep on keeping on fellow battlers. [/size]

[color=rgb(238,130,238)][font='comic sans ms']I am going down weight loss mountain the past few months. Things are (as usual) too complicated for me to really know why. My own guess ( just now) is that I finally got the last big allergen out of my diet. . I had previously avoided all sweets except for tiny amounts of honey. Honey was something I had not considered for possible allergies, and finally realized it was the only thing left that I had had often when sick. When I pulled honey out, my weight started dropping. My other theories of this weight loss include dropping hormone levels and an unintentional gluten intake from dust in the air around a silo. Possibly my recent colonoscopy cleaned out my system.[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(238,130,238)][font='comic sans ms']My weight has been stable at 159 since going gluten free. Seven years back after beginning an aggressive supplement program I came down from 190lbs. Since I am 5'7" I thought 159 good enough. Still another theory about the weight loss, I don't wish to think about, so I won't mention it! I felt better and better before my recent glutening, so I take it, that this weight loss isn't indicating anything life shattering[/font][/color]. [color=rgb(238,130,238)]But am glad my eternity is settled just incase.[/color]

[color=rgb(238,130,238)]In the meantime, some advice especially for super-sensitives and people with allergies, don't pick your next house within 10 miles of a silo, flour mill, or bakery! [/color]

[color=rgb(238,130,238)]No Need to warn me to see my doctor. I had a complete exam at Fairview late this summer and all seemed well. I have 3 different other health practitioners going over this with me.[/color]

[color=rgb(238,130,238)]I hope all the same (in weight loss) to nvsmom, and anyone else struggling with weight. I am hoping you all don't have to cut out all your sweets, or that you can just enjoy whatever foods you can eat. Meanwhile, I think I will go enjoy some coconut milk and banana.[/color]

[size=4]I guess many know, but I better be up front to say that I am having allergies most likely from long-term celiac symptoms not diagnosed. At any rate I have healed my villi and had figured that I could stop taking my enzymes. I noticed the following symptoms:[/size]

[size=4]More easily irritated.[/size]
[size=4]Increasing Fatigue ,[/size]
[size=4]Weight loss 10 lbs in a few months. (This certainly could be something else)[/size]
[size=4]Stool containing food fragments and capsule pieces. (At least the capsules were empty) [/size]
[size=4]Increased Anxiety[/size]

[size=4]Today, I saw my children having their enzymes and started pondering over my recent struggle. I recalled I had begun to sink a few months back, and realized the two could be related. I took my enzymes. Later in the morning the fatigue suddenly cleared and I had a little energy. While using the toilet, I was surprised to note bright yellow urine! That is the color it turns when I take vitamin B, like when I am getting nutrients. However, it has been pretty much clear recently I wrestled or I wouldn't have been startled by the change. The rest of the day became a normal day with enough energy to keep going through it. [/size]

[size=4]As days go by, I will stop by and let you know if I change my view on this, but for now, I won't forget to take my enzymes, no matter who tells me I don't need them![/size]

I am normally a very shy person just wanting to blend in and willingly do what I am asked. However, when doctors told me that I needed to drink high fructose corn syrup, corn in my medications, and plastic (Mira lax) they had overstepped their power and I felt threatened. I swell up if I smell corn, so I knew I couldn't eat it. They dismissed my concern about this saying, "You can do it for the test." I set out to figure out a safe alternative for me to prep for my colonoscopy. This process took me over a month of most of my daily thoughts to figure out. I felt in above my head. I asked pharmacists that worked with my doctor for alternative products. They referred me back to the doctor. I told them that the doctor would not provide me with an alternative product. They said well the doctor must not be concerned about your allergy problems. I asked the pharmacist at the local drugstore who also referred me back to the doctor. Baffled I finally asked a friend that was a pharmacist who I should ask that could help me. She said that she could help. She also said that she would not have believed my allergy problem, but she had a relative having the same sorts of issues.

Finally, I felt ready and the day for prep arrived. I woke up that morning and for the second day in a row had diarrhea. I mean BEFORE my prep even began! As the day went on I scolded myself about not just being able to do what the doctor said it do. Still, the product should work, all I have to do is be absolutely sure I get enough fluids. I also had made broth with meat and veggies and had this strained for meals. I remembered the product mostly would not be absorbed by my body, so even know I took a large quantity, it would pass through. I trusted my friend the pharmacist and she had used this very substance for her colonoscopy a few years back. Besides the doctor had prescribed this substance to use in prep, just not the brand and form which I had. Finally, I convinced myself and poured the capsules into a cup. I added water and stirred. I drank it down. IN the bottom of my cup was soggy powder, so I chewed and swallowed. My pharmacist friend had told me that when the treatment was finished with the job, the stool would come out yellow and clear. Mind did by the end of the first dose. That meant that I could stop, but I did the second dose anyway, because I knew I had to be sure. The doctor's prep had also a morning prep before the test, but for me that would have meant being up at 3 am. I hadn't known this when I signed up for their first appointment of the day. I did both parts the day before so that I didn't have to get up during the night or worry about driving to the office with diarrhea.

I first talked with a nurse that asked which prep I did. I told her I prepped with magnesium citrate. She asked if it were the one prescribed and I said I ordered one I could tolerate without corn. Are you]allergic to corn, she asked? I can't eat corn I replied. What are your symptoms? My body swells up. "You could have done it for the test." Anyway, I felt angry with her. She left me to dress. Another nurse came in and started going over more info that my prep wasn't good enough.

The doctor came in and announced that she heard I was rude to the nurse. Then she went into a lecture about how my prep wasn't good enough. Her nurse told her that I did my own prep and this was foolish behavior! I began to yell about them dismissing a person when they say they can't have corn and ordering only giving meds with corn. The doctor claimed she wished she would have known I couldn't have corn... I had told her I couldn't, but they kept saying, but you can have it. Only bloating. Ahhhhhhhhh, I thought! . The doctor said that it was dangerous of me to take the same dose of magnesium citrate which she called for in a part of her plan. It can tend to give kidney problems. I didn't take the same formula, because it had lemon juice which I cannot have either. Also, she mentioned my kidney had showed somewhat dehydrated a couple of days before. Everything had looked within normal limits to me. And she affirmed that it was just a little borderline.

They reminded me the Miralax doesn't have corn, but I said it is plastic which isn't to eat! ) I asked them with my hands on the oxygen tube in my nose if they wanted me to leave?! Finally I said, 'You know I think we both have the same goal-to keep me safe. I know that I can't eat corn. Finally everyone seemed a bit disarmed. The doctor decided to start in without sedatives to see if the "prep" worked." I alerted them that I read up on the sedatives and thought we needed to keep the dosage low. . I enjoyed watching the bright red shiny pictures as the scope traveled through a twisting tunnel. Everything looked clean except for a tiny wisp of mucous. The doctor looked rather excited (in a good way) over what she saw as if she were marveling also. Suddenly she hit a twist and began to turn. I felt extreme pain as if someone took a credit card and scraped it against the side of an open sore. This brought a muffled cry as I never recall making except perhaps in childbirth. It sounds a little like a chicken cackling after laying an egg. " I am sorry I said, I can't." I couldn't lie still as it hurt too much. Then she said that the prep looked good enough, so I got the sedatives,.

When I woke up, I was in a bed facing a huge window with the light cheerily coming in. The doctor was standing nearby looking concerned. She said that she knew that I wanted less dose of sedative, but they ended up giving more than usual. The kinks they found were so sensitive. Then she said that we could do the same prep again if we ever needed to. She mentioned fodmaps diet for me. I looked into it and it is similar in many respects to what I am doing. Fruit variety is limited, but my recent favorites strawberries and bananas are allowed. Many of the ones I can't eat are on the bad list that seemed interesting. It is also gluten free. The doc also said that the endoscopy looked great. Everything looked healed up.

I apologized to the nurse and the doctor, for indeed I had been rude to them. I know a person who, "though He was reviled, He reviled not again" and would like to do likewise regardless of circumstances.

I felt somewhat dizzy from the sedative. We walked to the lab to get my blood work. We got in the car. I gulped down two thermoses of home tap well water as I felt so thirsty. We drove for a while and then I started searching for a plastic bag if you get my drift. There were holes in the bag I found. oops, I had planned to put a bucket or something in. Anyway, I felt better when the water was gone and decided to wait til I got home to drink more and have some food.

I came home and put on my robe and collapsed on the couch with my pillow. The children were duly impressed when they came home later. Actually they were a little worried. I had heard of the robe tactic when you need to rest and it truly worked. I really didn't feel too bad, but was told to lay low.

I looked up kinks in the intestine. It can be cancer. my dad said that no one in the family has had cancer. He has a nice point. BUT "nobody" has had celiac either and that didn't stop me from getting it and or the genes Okay, but the doctor said that they found one polyp that looked benign She brought up cancer for that. She mentioned the kinks, but didn't mention cancer as an option. She took biopsy's, though, so we're bound to find out. Kinks can also be linked to celiac or chrohns, or pelvic inflammatory disease. I took from the Fodmap diet option that she is thinking food problems and that stands good for my side. My side of defending my right to not eat corn. Since, the doctor offered me a fruit intolerance test. But she mentioned you just drink some stuff and blow into something. I probably will stall out, because what do you think that the stuff will be? It is probably high fructose corn syrup.

The results of my tests showed no cancer or significant ungoing damage to my digestive track. Thanks to my friend the pharmacist I knew to have the doctor check for electrolyte balance after that test. This test came out well. My prep didn't damage as was feared. Also the doctor said that if we needed to ever, we could use that same prep again, except perhaps would need to do the last coarse the morning of the exam. Personally, I hope there never is a reason, but am glad that if there is ever was I know where to go for help!
Quite possibly I suffered from celiac all of my life. I say 30+ years since I am older than that and can recall bloating and fatigue beginning undeniably at age 19 after a bout with mono-nucleosis. I have been working with my physicians to relieve my symptoms naturally and attempting to get to the roots of problems and solve them since realizing I had a gluten problem about 2 years back.

I haven't been too interested in Medical doctors for years since they could make my eczema go away, but it would come back with a vengeance. They could remove my ovarian cyst, but they could not explain what caused it, so we could avoid the next one. They cautioned me about using drugs and medicines while pregnant or nursing. At one point I had been doing one or the other for 12 years straight, so I needed to find alternatives to medicine. I learned to live without them. Doctors would pressure me to use drugs if I went to them and it seemed all they had to offer was medicine. They would be angry with me for not using drugs. I therefore avoided them for years.

Now, my healing is going well, but I am not totally better yet, so some interaction with medical doctors seemed appropriate for me. Thus began my recent round of medical tests. Thus far we have turned up gall bladder stones, ovarian cyst, and uterine fibroid. Blood was found in my stool, so am scheduled for a colonoscopy/endoscopy on Wednesday July 16. The endoscopy is planned WITHOUT a gluten challenge. I would not do it. One year back I wasn't able to do a colon cleanse, because I was "too sick."

My food intolerances did not fit in well with the GI doctor's ideas. Though I told her that I didn't tolerate corn several of the prep medicines contained forms of corn. When I said that I could not take them, they thought I could do it just one time. I refused. "Then find your own subsitutes!" I was told. I felt a little like I was doing the doctors job and a little over my head, but help was provided for me and it is done!

I spent the last couple of weeks studying it out. Last week my nurse was out of town when I looked into dosages. I contacted a friend that is a pharmacist and asked who to ask for help. She said I could ask her. Two pharmacists had referred me back to the physician and were not helpful. My friend could relate to food intolerances since she said that her sister-in-law has been having similar issues otherwise she probably wouldn't have believed me. My friend the pharmacist had a list of various magnesium options for me. The magnesium citrate at the pharmacy would not work for me as it was flavored. Online, I found a Magnesium Citrate Capsule for which the product was mined from the earth. Since I usually don't consume earth we felt I would likely not have allergies to it. I purchased also Epsom Salts that could be used if I didn't clean out with the amount of capsules I got.

The last couple of months I have been having loose stools ever since I switched my diet. In spite of this lab tests today showed that I would be ready for the challenge. Tomorrow is Prep Day.
About 1 1/2 years ago I did a food antibody test to see if I could find some safe foods for me to use and any I should not use. The tests searched for Igg and IgA antibodies made by the body to combat foods that it evidently thinks are invading it. The tests showed me several surprises:

Buckwheat threatened my body the hardest! (I was already off gluten.)
49/60 foods my body interpreted as problems. Surprisingly, this left a few of my favorites which I could eat.

Since, I had so many intolerances my test results advised me to eat these foods in rotation so as to try to stay ahead of the antibodies. When I sought out a new healthcare provider and they saw the tests, they advised me to remove those foods I had antibodies for several weeks. Those foods I had the most antibodies to I would avoid for longer that foods I had few antibodies to. I did this. As I result I began feeling clear headed, my energy came up and my nutrient levels tested high enough. Inflammation and bloating also subsided some.

After the period of avoiding these foods altogether, my caregiver told me to add foods back in carefully watching for a reaction. Sometimes I thought I did feel something, but wasn't sure, so I kept them in figuring that by using my rotational diet, I could feel it if in the next 4th day I would react. I desired mashed potatoes so one night I made a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes. I noticed bloating shortly after the meal and realized that I couldn't eat those yet. That food and some others I realized still needed to be out. I couldn't believe it when I reacted to pumpkin and later to squash. One expects to have trouble with things they have eaten large quantities of , but these were not favorites of mine. The last reaction I had to pumpkin my tummy cramps began as I lifted my food to my mouth. I learned never to keep eating anything that did that.

I watched some of the gluten summit. They felt they had a new discovery that one should never eat foods they had antibodies to again. My health care provider agreed that they had lead people wrong and she agreed with it. BUT I hoped that it wasn't true. I kept eating those foods. My chiropractor noted my lymph system grew more and more overwhelmed. My inflammation levels rose. I felt clear minded and had enough energy, so I ignored the other problems for several months.

Finally, the functional medicine nurses' face looked concerned. She realized my inflammation went from head to ankle. She went out rather quickly to speak with the doctor. He gave her some ideas for healing my gut and that is how it settled that day.

After that, I had a short virus followed by a long period of fatigue. I am not sure what changed in my body, but it seemed geared up to react more violently. As I would eat foods I had had antibodies to, I would have 4 day events. The first day, I laid on the couch, sometimes I was nauseas and sometimes not. For all 4 days I lost my appetite. On the forth day I would experience diarrhea. The next day I had this feeling that I felt at a new peak high. I would eat little during these events sticking to only the very safest of foods. I concluded that I should avoid questionable foods (as I did during these events) all the time to see what would happen.

I made the decision to try not to eat any and all foods I had showed antibodies to perhaps a month ago. I wanted to continue a varied diet high in nutrients. Since, my inflammation has continued to go down. My energy levels have improved. Yesterday, found me pitchforking 80 foot rows in the garden without getting short of breath! I haven't had another 4 day episode yet. Perhaps I can live with this.
When I was 19 I fell ill with mononucleosis. From than on I carried what seemed like 100 lbs of fatigue on my back. I tried many natural ways to relieve and energize me. You see that I tried to take care of a large family. Yet, sometimes it seemed that it took more energy to make a meal than I got out of the meal. I felt tired, but the doctor said, "Of coarse you are, you have a big family to care for." I often taught home school, in my living room, lying on the couch. While sitting up, I fell asleep between words on a spelling test! It came to a hilt that awful summer of 2007. I dragged my feet every day, I schemed easier ways to get the same amount of work done. I even had my refrigerator up on blocks. I hated my life. Finally, my husband said that I was going to a chiropractor for help. One who had helped me long ago. I went to her for help and received supplements that saved my life, but I still didn't learn I had celiac. IN the summer of 2010 I had to admit that even though I continued the supplements, every tissue in my body was irritated. A light dawned in my friend the chiropractors face. Gluten, have you stopped eating gluten? I didn't know what it was, so I went home and looked it up. That would explain a few things, I thought.

The major symptoms I can think of: bloating, mental fog, extreme fatigue. Oh, yeah and secondary infertility.

That was the beginning of the end of celiac reigning in my life. I have had quite the ride since my diagnosis two years ago. My foggy head has cleared. My fatigue is gone. Only after a really hard day of work or virus am I tired. I have used many supplements and natural health techniques to heal and help me. After two years, I still feel my body is still transitioning! On good days now I feel as if I have been given a glorious life. My children are growing up and doing incredible things. They are different than they would have been with a healthy mother, However, my problems have in many ways been a blessing to them.

Hoping all who are suffering from celiac will be delivered from all of their chains.

[size=5][font='comic sans ms']I recently started on glutamine to help to heal my leaky gut. I had been experiencing general inflammation and that is what the doctor said to do.[/font][/size]
[size=5][font='comic sans ms'] :)[size=5][font='comic sans ms'] [/font][/size] Love it when my body gets dramatic. But, my tummy is now shrinking so fast that I don't know how to stand right. I stick out my tummy in order so that it will look "normal" to me, but I give myself a back ache pushing it out way too far. I never noticed before that I judge my posture by how my tummy looks[/font][/size][size=5][font='comic sans ms']![/font][/size][size=5][font='comic sans ms'] [/font][/size] :mellow: [size=5][font='comic sans ms']It looks like this is one lady that will be making a few more trips to the chiropractor for a while.[/font][/size]
I say that I am back from Nowhere. Actually I existed right here. I stayed mostly in a house. Everyday I woke up in the morning and felt as exhausted as when I lay down the night before. Throughout the day I dragged my feet and used my cloudy mind to think of ways to make life seem easy again. I placed my refrigerator on cement blocks. I could reach the lower shelves that way. I couldn't squat down like my friends did, because I needed to breath!

Nowhere overtook me during a bout with mono when I did fulltime college class schedule. Usually one is very run down to catch mono. I had enjoyed my classes, planned my schedule by the half hour, and hoped that I could get straight A's. Then I got sick and slept up to 20 hours a day, but remained tired. After a few weeks I returned to college. A few days later I succumbed to pleurisy. The doctors seemed incredulous and called it the Old-Lady's-Disease. One who is 19 isn't supposed to get it. I dropped out of college that quarter and tried to gain strength for the next.

It is hard to say how I managed to get to college that next quarter. I couldn't always walk between classes and make it in time. I noticed bloating and that I sometimes looked pregnant. Sometimes I ate lunch with one set of friends, and still felt famished. I would get another lunch and sit with a new group of friends. I kept my foggy fatigue trying without end to cast it off. Sitting and reading seemed difficult, but somehow my grades didn't suffer. I took a break from school and began a fulltime nursing assistant job hoping the constant movement would wake me up. On the weekend I sat in bed with my legs up for the sake of my aching feet.

Life went on like this. I married and had 5 beautiful children. Some days I felt that all I could do was to tell the children how they ought to do things. I became critical. I used to be the babysitter that liked to play with the children. Now, I lacked any energy for all but neccessities.

The summer of 2007 came upon me. My children worked in the garden while I couldn't seem to get much done. They would weed an English yard as I sat trying not to let them see my tears. We took a trip and I hated my life. I saw a sign by a house, I read "Hope for Sale." I thought I needed some of that. I went home and yelled at my husband. "There is NOTHING LEFT, NOTHING LEFT". I meant that physically, mentally, and spiritually I had reached an endpoint. My life really dragged, Finally, my husband said to see a chiropractor that helped me in the past.

The nutrients that I received were life savers. I had felt like crashing each time I stood up. The crashing feeling actually was my blood pressure plunging as I stood up. The supplements easily broke down and I felt the difference they made in my life. Somehow we missed that I had celiac, so I continued eating gluten until 2012. At that point I felt foggy fatigue again in spite of taking the supplements. I complained that every tissue in my body feels irritated. A light dawned on my chiropractor's face, "Are you still eating gluten?" she said. OF coarse, I am, I said.. We didn't say more. She had asked once before. I went home and looked up gluten.

That would explain a few things, I thought to myself. My iron count stayed borderline low while I took iron supplements. The bloating, the foggy mind, and the extreme fatigue. I knew I had those, because they had gone away a couple of times. We also desired more children, but they stopped coming 16 years ago with no explanations

How does a person go through 30 years of their life like this? My symptoms were difficult to track. I looked bloated, but after marriage, I thought I might be pregnant or putting on weight. My husband thought my symptoms were all in my head. He thought I obsessed about health and perhaps I would like to be super-woman. A friend and I marveled how I looked so skinny, but needed a very large pattern to fit my abdomen. My mind fogged over; much had to be done just to take care of a family and trudge through. I had been this way for so long; I lost my perspective of how bodies should work. My symptoms fit in to my perception of reality. Sure, I swelled, but I always had. I felt tired, but this had always been. I told the doctor that I got a little tired sometimes, but they put this off by saying, "You have five children, right?" No further explanation was needed for them..

A promise helped me to make it through the transition: Jeremiah 29:11: " I will restore onto you, the years that the locusts have eaten." Surely locusts had ate up years of my life! But it wasn't over. Thank God, I have escaped from Nowhere! I hope each of you will be delivered too.

[i]Dee (I felt like a more identifying name)[/i]
[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,128)][font='comic sans ms']For decades I kept improving my diet in the hope that the energy and alertness I craved would come and stay. In my desperate way I cut junk food, baked my own 100% whole grain natural bread, and even moved to a farm. Lately, I have been thinking about the desperate way I controlled my diet, while I left exercise to chance.

By chance I got quite a lot of exercise. I am a mother of 7. I help to take care of the house and get people out to their events. I believe I run the staircase about 20 times a day. I till 80 foot rows with a pitch fork. I have done exercises recommended by my chiropractor for 8 years. After I went gluten free, the MD asked me to do one sit up for her to see. I refused, because I feared something would rip.[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,128)][font='comic sans ms'] Over the decades of my symptoms, I found I could not squat and breathe, so I never squatted. I even put my refrigerator on cement blocks, so I could get the things out of the bottom.[/font][/color][/size][/font][/color][/size][color=#000080][size=5][font='comic sans ms'] I sat up by turning sideways and pushing myself up with my arms, so as not to pull my abdomin muscles.[/font][/size][/color]

[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,128)][font='comic sans ms']I mentioned my reluctance to do even one sit up on Dr. Osborne's forum and he said I absolutely must begin to work up to 20 sit-ups, 20 squats, and 20 push-ups. Dr. Osborn claimed that I would not rip, but desperately needed it. This sounded daunting, but I began with one sit-up the first day and two the next. Since that day a year ago I have worked up to 25 sit-ups, 20 women's push-ups (could never do these even when a youth), and 20 squats. I usually spread the squats out throughout the day.

My chiropractor told me recently that I needed to talk to my functional medicine nurse about my lymph system. I have bloating in my abdomen and legs that she felt had to do with my lymph. On my next visit to the nurse she discovered swelling all of the way down to my ankle and on up my body besides.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,128)][font='comic sans ms']I read that exercise helps to move lymph. I thought of my mini-tramp put away when I lost the music to jump to. I felt that an unusual desperate style exercise program would be needed for me to overcome the damage done to my body by decades of celiac. I ordered a new dvd and started my intensive training with the beginner section. I played through that section the first day, but kept resting at will. Day after day I went on. Some days I finished feeling great and some days I felt devastated. I have worked up to completing the section for beginners, intermediate, and abdominal exercise section. I still lay down with my feet up and watch the advanced sect[/font]ion. It is getting hard to hold myself down when I see them doing the slalom move, though.[/color][/size]

[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,128)]Now, today I read that one should not overdo exercise, but it was felt that 40 minutes a week works for the average person. I took today off and will try to consolidate my exercises into the ten minutes four times a week time scheme. [/color][/size]

[color=#000080][font='comic sans ms'][size=5]Exercise helped me over the last several years. When I first began the back exercise the chiropractor gave me, I freaked out that I could breath better after them. This encouraged me to do them a few times a day. Perhaps now my lymph is beginning to really move! I see less swelling, but see the glands are enlarged. I feel strength returning all around and have gained energy.[/size][/font][/color]

[b][color=#000080][size=5][font='comic sans ms']I am hoping all of you can experience the joy of exercising when it invigorates and strengthens you. [/font][/size][/color][/b] [font='comic sans ms'][size=5][b][color=rgb(0,0,128)]Go ahead, start small, but go somewhere with it![/color][/b][/size][/font]

[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,205)][b][font='comic sans ms']I am not a volunteer to my current position of transitioning from a life of relishing gluten to lady that shrinks back when gluten is near. When the teacher mentioned "health" or an internal organ in elementary school, I felt weak! Sometimes, I would get dizzy and the field of vision turned black! Once a nurse came to school to take our pulses. The teacher helped some, and she tried to take mine. She couldn't find it, so she called the nurse over. The nurse found the pulse for a brief instant, but it disappeared! They finally said, "We couldn't find your pulse, BUT we are quite sure that you have one." That is how my dealing with "Health" began.

Enter thirty years of fatigue, foggy mind, and 5 pregnancies. Life as a mother brought me a chance to need much more strength and energy than I thought I had. I began to research health, use vitamin supplements, and consult with alternative health care practitioners. I had learned in college, (from a pharmacist) that drugs were poisons, and that drugs couldn't help your body do what it couldn't do otherwise. He only used drugs for dire consequences. Twelve years of pregnancy and nursing one child or another, made me find ways to cope with problems besides drugs. I am so thankful for this. I fear I would have been treated with steroids and I may not have survived that. I got so motivated to get healthy I shunned all sweets, ate vegetables, and baked my own 100% whole grain bread! I finally discovered the way to make this really soft, ADD GLUTEN! <_<

Finally, nearly two years ago, I discovered that celiac fraught the foggy fatigue that grew thicker over time instead of ceasing with all my efforts! This past week found me sifting over more information that I gleaned just recently. My chiropractor told me I needed to talk about and think about my lymphatic system. I didn't know what it was, so I had to get on that right away.

An MD finally agreed to run a full thyroid panel on me. The tests were normal according to the MD standards, but some numbers were borderline low while they should have been mid-range. In reading on the internet I learned that MD's can't do anything for borderline low, but alternative practitioners may be able to. What a blessing that I can work on making a difference before a crisis occurs. Truth be told, though, I am not sure how many times I want to pay for that panel!

I listed several symptoms still troubling me and discovered a problem with the adrenals would pretty much cause them all. The thyroid and the adrenals work in symphony, (normally) so knowing my thyroid output was low, this made many more symptoms make sense together. I go to talk to the functional medicine nurse on Tuesday and hope we can find some things to do to continue optimizing my health. I am thinking of having a blood test for adrenal function, so that I know even better where they stand.

Meanwhile, I found that I needed more iodine, so ordered a liquid to use a drop daily if the nurse concurs. If that works, hopefully, it will help the thyroid and therefore help the adrenal glands. I began in earnest to jump on my trampoline to get my lymphatic system moving. I am using helichrysum essential oil which is supposed to help this system clean out. So far, I got a goopy throat and the sniffles. That could be progress!

Early this past week I didn't feel well. I had eaten for weeks honey processed in cross contaminated circumstances, At least, that is my primary guess for what happened to set me back. The other being I turned off my progesterone supply for several days. I felt like I wanted to drop out of class. Than I cracked (or think I cracked) some of my lingering symptoms. I started to do something about them, and my load lightened, I felt better, I had hope again, and I could go on. . :D No, I didn't start out as a volunteer, yet I still have a lot of fun and adventure in the process.[/font][/b][/color][/size]
[size=2]Disclaimer: My reactions are unique and may be more than celiac, therefore not many people would need to panic they will get like reactions. The reactions aren't labeled, so I really don't know why I am having them this way. Please don't panic . [/size]

Now, My Family Believes Me!

In my illness, I would say daily. I am tired. I didn't mean that I over did it a little, but overwhelmingly tired. My family decided that nobody could say and mean that every day. One simply couldn't say they were under the weather for 30 years straight. My bloating was "All in my head." I went on trying to act normal until there was no way to go on.
Then I got my diagnosis, My family seemed to be making a choice, me or gluten and they seemed to be saying that they would miss gluten ALOT! They didn't know whether or not I had a serious problem or not. Never mind a doctor wrote them to say I had nearly missed an overwhelming event or death. Yet my family thought I obsessed about health.

Now there have been times when they noticed a reaction before I did. They see my red face before I feel the heat. We can see one leg is swollen larger than the other some days. My belly has flattened out, so when I look 5 months pregnant one day, it is striking to all of us. I know you have a problem with gluten, my husband finally said one day. "It is getting better," he said.

Today I see them starting to take care of me. I planned to take my son's car to pick up my daughter. I asked someone for the keys. I got told that I couldn't drive "That car." I guess they are eating gluten in there constantly. My daughter went instead. Lately they had been enjoying a special food that smells very strong. one day as they cooked it, I noticed I was swelling up. The next weekend they brought the food to Church and gave it away. When they had something it should go in, they noted its absence, but went on contentedly. I would not want to ask anyone to give up their favorite foods, but there doesn't seem to be any alternatives for in my home right now. These days I have many sympathetic listening ears and I am not too sure what happened to cause this profound change. I guess that families get better from celiac too, as well as the person with the disease.
This year a doctor told me not to eat anywhere but home. My body is acting super-sensitive and I didn't want to rock the boat. I alerted my sister, the hostess, and my brother that I would be unable to eat at the gathering, but would eat on the way there. On the way there I enjoyed my very filling rice and beef casserole. I had planned to do a regular turkey dinner, but when I remembered I couldn't have mashed potatoes and gravy, I skipped it.

After arriving, I walked into the kitchen, smiled and said, "Everything, LOOKS delicious!" The family laughed. I sat at the table while they were eating and said, "Everything SMELLS delicious!" As they were finishing up I told them, "My tummy feels happy now!" It did! Now all that is left for me to do is ask around my family, find out what tasted good. Then I can tell them the so and so tasted great!

I am happy to say that everyone had a good time and I didn't swell, bloat or get fatigued!
[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]I have just passed through several days of cramping, swelling, and gassiness. All of this as a result of nothing specific that I know of. Perhaps after 19 months gluten free it is just further recovery. Happily, I woke up today without the cramping and felt excellent since.[/size][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]. Previous blood counts, over the passed 5 years, showed immature blood cells which tended to break easily. These have difficulty carrying oxygen. [font='comic sans ms'][size=5]Late morning I received the happy news. [/size][/font]Word came my blood count was normal. I am sure my cells are content with new higher levels of oxygen flowing to them.[/size][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]I have been watching the gluten summit. Dr. Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, MTV explained a need to forever avoid foods that you have antibodies to. In my case that means 49 or 60 foods I commonly eat. I have been eating many of them in rotation. He warns that your body remembers to make antibodies for these and you will react differently. Each exposure causes more and more antibodies to be made. Well, I hope this isn't true. I already asked my Functional Nurse about it and she thought he was right. Dr. V also gave much information about reacting differently to raw verses cooked product. Most labs use a raw product. It is possible I would not react to cooked products. Also, it is possible to not react to separate ingredients, but to react to them processed. I don't know what I will do for this for now. I am not sure whether the lab used raw or cooked foods, and if it makes a difference if the animal used was fed grain or just grass. I feel so much better and am having measurable recovery, so for now I believe I will continue as usual and see what happens next. I shall see if my bloated belly goes down again. Thus far a period of greatest belly bloat is followed by flattening to a new level. It is also precedes an increase in energy, but just now, I feel like this is as good as it gets![/size][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]Dr. V also offered reasons for how we react stronger when accidentally ingesting small quantities of gluten after going gluten free. He said that our memory cells crank out the antibodies in larger and larger numbers.[/size][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]Chalk one more intolerance find up to the rotational diet. I think I may have found the reason for my recently bloating belly. We harvested pumpkins from our garden. I had both canned and dried them for future use. This evening I made sandwich bread with pumpkin flour for dinner. Just as I began to eat it, I felt my tummy cramps coming on. I think I can live without the pumpkin if I can just avoid the cramps![/size][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][size=5]D[/size][/font]
[size=5]Before I diagnosis, I did not feel celiac pain. I would notice my tummy bloating, my legs swelling, and have a pregnant looking belly. I had extreme fatigue and foggy mind, but didn't realize those until it went away one day. I trudged on with these mysterious symptoms that were "All in my head." Wondering in my dreamy state if something possibly was wrong.[/size]

[size=5]Now, I am 18 months (well there about) into a gluten free diet. Some mysterious way, I got some gluten. Right away I felt sharp pings in my abdomen. The old pregnant looking belly appeared, I had a couple of days of extreme fatigue. I even got diarrhea, and I didn't have that as a symptom before diagnosis. . If I had I felt these signs during my 30 years of battling celiac disease; I would have been asking someone questions right soon. But I didn't feel them.[/size]

[size=5]Today I am glad for pain. It is there to tell me (In no uncertain terms) that something is WRONG or something needs changing. I don't feel like I am dying, or have gone back to square one. I still have a clear mind and energy. Yet, I have been enabled to hear with once deaf ears, and I see where I couldn't see before. Pain is my friend today.[/size]
I owe a lot to celiac,

If it weren't for celiac I would eat like an American: chips, soda pop, and candy until gone, but undiagnosed celiac motivated me to cut out sweets. I learned to eat vegetables, I grew more and more motivated to learn about and use foods to nourish.

When I got married I knew how to cook hotdogs, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and scrambled eggs. Oh, I had fried chicken once and browned beef. My family would have learned careless eating habits from me, but instead I set a good example for many years. You see, I thought by improving my diet, I would feel better. With each effort, it did seem better for a time, but it didn't last, so I would improve something else.

Because I pined for energy, and got nauseated during pregnancies, all thanks to celiac, My daughters learned how to make whole meals. The eldest daughter made her first meal when only 6. I guided her from my position lying on the countertop. Even my son does oatmeal.

After I got diagnosed with celiac, my family got to see what I was willing to do to change my health. My daughter marveled I could stop eating gluten. I thought it seemed a little inconvenience compared to the struggle associated with eating it.

I could not keep up my house all on my own. We had a large family and everyone pitched in to help. My children learned how to do the laundry, fold towels, and clean house. If I could of done it all, I would have, and they would have been untrained.

Because I had celiac disease, I found out my genes. My children/siblings/cousins/parents/aunts and uncles are aware of symptoms to watch out for. Nobody else should have to go 30 years undiagnosed.

My dentist's patients should not be subjected to endless lectures, but instructed to be checked for celiac disease. Perhaps the signs of mal-absorption will be noticed for what they are.

Now, I can be a supportive friend (I hope) to those who suffer physically. I can pick them out anywhere and everywhere, because I know what to look for. I can encourage them; I have been there.

Just this week I shared my nutrient absorption test with a friend. I learned her daughter had just found out she had lupus. My friend gathered information for her daughter and marveled at my glowing appearance. She watched 6 years back as I struggled for my life.. Now, they hope for such great results.

I am glad I had celiac as my life would not be the same without it.

I began my gluten free trek in about May of 2012. I did classic gluten free for a few months and then went grain free. Last November at about 6 months gluten free I had my first nutrient absorption test. In spite of my natural, whole food, organic diet, and many supplements my nutrient levels were low. Especially the Vitamin B levels were unacceptable. I felt rundown and foggy. I dragged myself through my days, Sometimes I felt better and sometimes really bad.

I knew I had to do something more and fast. I thought I should focus on healing my gut. It was recommended that I take IgG for that, which I did. Next I had a food antibody test done and began a rotational diet. After a while of that I cut out all foods that I had antibodies too for a few months. Finally, I began to take digestive enzymes to help break down my food. The Functional Medicine Nurse I visit also asked me to take herbal adrenal gland support.

After 30 years of foggy fatigue, I AM BETTER. I feel it. My recent nutrient test showed my B levels have gone up to high levels. Each and every other nutrient was adequate to good! Except Asparagine which was mildly deficient.

Now, I have no desire to run a marathon,(I feel I have already done that) but am excited about what I can do with my life now. For one thing I have 2 more young ones to get through home school. I have 5 youth children who are beginning to have exciting ideas of what they can do with their lives! My husband stayed true in spite of the great trials of celiac. So, as the Lord gives me strength, I am getting up and going on with my life. This has forever changed me. I plan to write my "owed to Celiac" one of these days.

If you need courage, I am living proof that one can be delivered from 30 years of celiac. I was dying, but am alive again. There is HOPE! I couldn't always see it, but there is!

[size=5]I shouldn't be too surprised. This week (May 12) got off to an awful start. I should have maybe cancelled the dentist for this week. Still, I went off a little optimistic that I would not get lectures this time. I have been gluten free for over a year and hadn't had any cavities for several years.

The hygentist listened half sympathetically as I mentioned that I had mal-absorption (now diagnosed). Another hygentist had told me that mal-absorption could cause deposits everywhere the saliva puddles in one's mouth. I had been told that the deposits on my teeth were minerals which the body could not use. Six months ago, they scraped it all off. Now The hygentist explained these mineral deposits tended to protect the teeth from decay. However for me today, I had 2 new cavities and 2 watches.

Some days, I just wish I had never heard of Celiac disease. OF coarse, that would never work if I had it. The hygentist then prescribed that I put Calcium and magnesium powder on my teeth. I am wondering. Why scrape off calcium or mineral deposits, protecting the teeth, in order to purchase calcium powder to dab on?

While the hygentist cleaned my teeth I began to have a headache and feel irritable. I can tell by reading the above that I did. It wasn't too bad. Then I got home and my little ones said, "What did you eat, Mom, you are reacting to something? They saw that my face glowed bright red. Then I looked down at my belly and saw that I was bloating up. I spent a few days recovering from that.

If you need a dental lecture, let me know. "Maybe if you just brush a little more, and floss a little better, or use a different toothbrush." all will be well, they say. I used and did nearly everyday exactly as I was told. The same lectures all over tend to be demotivating.

Today is the day that I am going to have those bad teeth worked on. I keep hoping they might have some good news of improvement. When will I ever learn?[/size]
[quote post="847682" timestamp="1357746353" date="09 January 2013 - 07:45 AM"]
Before I knew to gluten free my life was saved by supplements. Special tests determined exactly which nutrients were needed for me. Interestingly enough, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, were among them. They were doctor recommended supplements and a high quality product designed for max absorption.

By life saved I mean: My orthostatic blood pressure had an unhealthy curve. When I rose up after lying down the blood pressure would plummet and stay down. My blood pressure was 180/115 when resting. The supplements brought the orthostatic blood pressure to a normal curve. This meant it started low, went up as I stood, and recovered after a minute or two. Over time, my resting blood pressure came down to 110/70. I wouldn't recommend just supplements, and not going gluten free, but high- quality- supplements, carefully, selected can do wonders.


Source: [url="http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/99205-a-thought-on-supplements/page__view__findpost__p__847682"]A Thought On Supplements[/url]
[size=5]Onedesperatelady may need a new name! Getting giddy usually happens to me before the next dive comes. Dive after dive has come to me since I have been really battling celiac disease (mostly Undiagnosed) for 6 years! By battling, I mean spending much efforts to help my body work right, my actual plight with celiac. disease has been at least 30 years. [/size]

[size=5]This time I have cause to rejoice. I feel better. I jumped out of bed this morning at 6 am, because I felt like getting up. Some nights I remain alert and awake when my 10 pm usual bedtime arrives. In recent days I spent hours gardening and then pondered what to do with the rest of my day. In past years, I would hit the couch with devastated energy.[/size]

[size=5][size=5]Recently, my husband told me that things are getting better over the last 9 months. He perceives that I do have a problem with gluten, and the things I am doing are helping healing.[/size][/size]

[size=5]A few weeks back I did my second nutrient level tests. Just yesterday, I heard the results. My vitamin B12 levels, which tested low, last November had sky rocketed. Well, they were a little high. My iron levels had recovered after a dip a couple of months back. Other nutrient levels had come up to normal, except folic acid and vitamin D. I get to cut back on my supplements! This is the very first objective proof of my recovery, since going gluten free, and I am very excited![/size]

[size=5]I would insert fireworks here, but I don't know how to do it. ::: Well that's the best I can do.[/size]

[size=5]I hope for all of you that you will have a day like this in which, you feel as if you conquered and go on living an energetic life! Have some flowers ***.[/size]


[size=5]For this post, a "smiley" with tears gushing out both sides of the face is what I needed. One would think that getting better would be nothing but happy, but I found that grief engulfed me.[/size]

[size=5]For years I had lived in the fog and I knew nothing else. Then one glorious day, the fog cleared. Then the realization struck. I had lived in the fog for 25 years! Another fantastic day, I had more energy then I knew what to do with. I learned that I had lived with extreme fatigue for 25 years. During those years, I got married and had 5 children. I lived day after day with what seemed now to be 100 lb weight on my back. I had, as it were, walked off a cliff 25 years before, and now I knew it. Now, I discovered how much easier those years would have been, If only I had the nutrients I needed. But I hadn't. Day after day, I grappled with the sorrow of lost years. I had lived nearly half my life needlessly burdened.[/size]

[size=5]I found a Bible verse in Joel 2 that helped me grapple with my loss. The Lord promises to restore the years the locusts had eaten. If He did it for His people then, I realized, He could do it for me now. I couldn't fill the loss, but He could and was willing. One song also helped me through this difficult time. I will quote just a part of it.[/size]

[size=5]All things work for our good,[/size]
[size=5]though sometimes we don't see how they could[/size]
[size=5]Sorrows, that break our hearts in two, [/size]
[size=5]sometimes blind us to the truth: [/size]
[size=5]Our Father knows what's best for us. [/size]
[size=5]His ways are not our own,[/size]
[size=5]but when your pathway grows dim, [/size]
[size=5]and you just can 't see Him, [/size]
[size=5]remember your never alone.[/size]

[size=5]Here is a link to the version I played over and over during that low time. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QR1xmjfeGs"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QR1xmjfeGs[/url][/size]

[size=5]I can't say I am fully over the impact of my wasted years. I didn't even then have total recovery, it was just a taste of it. I later found out that I had celiac disease. I had many twists and bumps. I was brought through them. I expect to be carried through all the future valleys too.[/size]

[size=5]What matters to me today is that I have hope. I have hope that I am safe no matter what. I have hope that my body is making good progress in recovery. Sometimes, I have energy and feel overwhelmingly good. Compared to the struggle of those 25 years, having to avoid gluten is a piece of cake![/size]
[size=5]Here I go again into territory I have not yet conquered. The challenge: to eat only foods, I had no measured intolerances to, for 6 weeks. These 10 good foods included 5 protein foods, 2 vegetables, and 3 fruits. The test had been for about 85 foods and of them, I had 10 left. I also may eat any food not tested. [/size]

[size=5]I heard the average American only eats 12 foods over and over. For the test, I strived to take in most of the 85 items. Some I already knew I have a problem with, so I avoided them. Many of them, I eat fairly regularly. [/size]

[size=5]I stopped at a natural coop and looked at all of the varieties of meat. I passed by the beef and chicken and ended up trying, flounder, buffalo, elk, and lamb. I wouldn't dare feed some of these to my family, but I thought sure that I could eat them. I wanted to still be able to do my rotational diet, so 4 items were the minimum. I also could have other fish, I noticed for another day. If it would have been there, rattlesnake didn't have to be in my diet! I could draw my new line there.[/size]

[size=5]At home I thought that I could start it at breakfast the next day. I wasn't certain I could, because I had neglected to do a complete shopping job with list in hand. Breakfast as usual, I thought, except skip the muffin from nut flours. I cooked up my poached eggs and had a banana. At lunch, I had leftovers from the night before. Sardines would do the trick. My appetite seemed slack and I got satisfied. Meal after meal, I wasn't too hungry and I skimped by. After each meal, I wasn't quite sure if I could come up with a plan for the next meal. Each time, I did.[/size]

[size=5]Finally yesterday, after 5 days of it, my hunger raged. My serving sizes increased. The foods seemed really filling, though, so at supper I placed the extra in the freezer. I labeled it and packed it to be packed to go along on some outing. [/size]

[size=5]I tried Elk. I squirmed a bit thinking it a lot like bambi, but decided that, that animal gave its life to nourish me and I received it with thanks. I refused to tell my family what I ate, but commented that it tasted good. I could have thought of it a hamburger and never guessed it wasn't, if I hadn't known. [/size]

[size=5]A day or two after discovering my diet change , I picked up groceries I had ordered the week before. Here was plenty of frozen vegetables, fruits, and nuts that I wasn't allowed to eat. We have more people around to eat them, so I left my family to follow the regular rotation any time I cook. It is nice just to look at the chart and see what to make rather then deciding every time. I told my family they could do whatever works for them when they cook. Thankfully, some of the fruit ordered, wasn't on the test, and I rarely eat it, so I felt I probably didn't have antibodies to it.[/size]

[size=5]Every chance I get I stop at the grocery store and look for different fruits and vegetables. These have been the hardest for me to include. I picked out bok choy, turnips, and burdock root. I have sea weed in noodle or dried form in my kitchen. I would really like to get a rotational diet going with all these, but I haven't got there yet. I have been daily falling to bananas, cucumbers, olives, and avocados. All of these I felt reasonably confident in. I had eaten them before the test and I didn't have antibodies to them[/size]

[size=5]After several days, I noticed that hazlenuts and pumpkin seeds were not tested. There may be other nuts I could have, but I don't have enough of them to make them for my family. With these nuts I could make some of my favorite foods: muffins. I just grind them into a flour and make muffin batter in the food processor. I am planning to restrict their use to only once every four days. This morning's pumpkin seed/fenugreek muffins really hit the spot! I expected them to taste like cardboard. Since nobody else had to eat them, I didn't care. I long since gave up the idea of eating only what tastes good. It is surprising how often I end up liking things.[/size]

[size=5]All and all, I am again trying not to feel giddy, because I am feeling better and better. [size=5]Sometimes, I wonder if I am on one of those Survivor Shows. I better check behind the kitchen light fixture for a camera![/size][/size]
I learned a few things from a Functional Medicine nurse I visited with the other day.

The adrenal glands manufacture a substance called cortisol which helps the body deal with stress. On the day of my nutrient absorption test, I tested as not having the nutrients to build cortisol. My system was depressed having had to fight celiac disease for 30 years. This depressed was a physical thing. It didn't even consider any emotional trauma I was suffering. If you have celiac and are depressed, you may want to see if your adrenal glands are functioning properly. I received an herbal supplement to support my adrenal glands.

At home I looked up the benefits of cortisol. I found that it helps with water balance. Since, I once lost 30 lbs in a week, Swell noticeably, and sometimes have high blood pressure, I think this is the case. The nurse did too. They put me on an herbal formula to support the adrenal and they expect me to lose weight. I am just hoping that the stack of spring dresses, I recently purchased will still fit by springs arrival.

As a tribute to the Creator and great design, the small intestine and pancreas work together to break down food. The villi of the small intestine tell the pancreas to kick out enzymes when they are needed. Sad to say, my villi damage means that this is not happening. The damage is reversible. Thanks to God! I need to take pancreatic enzymes in the meanwhile to break down my food for me.
I had been living with a nice clear mind for at least a couple of months. I put up with brain fog for nearly 30 years, but now I know something better. Now, when I have to deal with it, I want back out. A taste of the good life makes me more desperate to gain a clear mind back again.

Since I started my rotational diet and a couple of supplements, one to heal my gut, and enzymes to help break down my food I had a nice clear mind. I don't just know what I did, but there are a few options. First I stopped eating buckwheat 9 days back. Second, I reacted to eating my own food at a restaurant. Then I got a whiff of chocolate and musty books a couple of days back.

I think it might be the buckwheat withdrawl, or that it is stilling being cooked here. When I withdrew from gluten I had brain fog as my major symptom. The main symptom when I had when I accidentally ate or it was being cooked in the room was a foggy mind. I quit eating buckwheat and meanwhile, my family began to eat it every time it was their turn to cook breakfast. . They have stopped cooking spelt, kamut, barley and probably more to keep me well. I hate to think that buckwheat is doing this to me---and tell them.

I know going to the restaurant wasn't a brilliant idea. A family reunion is hard to miss. I packed my own food, plate and utensils and pulled it out at the last possible second. I cautiously guarded my plate from other plates close by. I was nearly finished eating when I noticed my face turning red. My husband and I had noticed the last time I got gluten accidentally that my cheeks reddened. It felt better to get out in the fresh air. I noted a mild headache as we rode in the car. The next day I had puffiness under my eyes.

I am planning to stop taking the supplements I have been taking for 6 years and focus on gut healing supplements. I have cut out all grain and my current supplements may be cross contaminated with grain at best. These supplements helped keep me alive in famine, (while eating gluten) so the decision was not an easy one. I talked by one doctor by phone to find out what his plan would be. I go to see a nurse practitioner on Tuesday that has a osteopathic doctor with functional medicine training to back her. He helped my son immensely, so I have confidence in them. So foggy head or no, I have some decisions to make.

I am mystified why I am reacting to things while my IgE level tests out very low. Some things seem to get me when they are airborne. I am hoping that a new program and doctor may be able to shed some light on the situation. I also feel like I need to know how important it is to avoid what? But mainly I hope I will soon be out of the fog again. Once one has the fog clear, they don't want it back.

Thank God, I know there is a problem now! I use to think fog was normal.

Yesterday, my family went to a prayer meeting for a friend with vasculitis, an Auto Immune disease. He has had very obvious problems and was hospitalized twice and once it was for a very long time. The prayer meeting was patterned after James 5. (Bible)

After arriving home, my husband talked with the children if they thought a prayer meeting like that is a good thing. They affirmed that it was a good thing. Then he asked if we should have one. They could not imagine who in the family would need it.

This is some of what they have seen:

Mom gets really tired.
Mom gets irriatible. (Maybe by now they just think I am a jerk)
Mom takes many supplements
Mom has a special diet and can't eat anywhere else.
Mom experienced 12+ years of infertility.
They received a letter from my doctor telling of my having an illness severe enough to cause my death.

How can children between 8 to 20's not see?
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