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I went to see my GP yesterday. He has ordered the anti tissue transglutaminase. He said I need to restart eating gluten, though I have been off it for a week. He didn't have a clue for how long. I called the lab and they did not know either.

So last night, in the name of gluten loading, I had three beers...and agadashi tofu with my usual sushi. This morning I had bran buds and a sandwich at lunch. Now I think I may just die! My stomach is cramping worse then a charliehorse in an olympic speed trial. I feel like I should stick a pin into my stomach and deflate myself. My coworker just kindly mentioned that I look bloated. Nice.

Ughhhh. I want to not eat the gluten...I was feeling crappy...but way better then this.

Day Four

I'm itchy. Everywhere. Going nuts. I have a big party tonight at my boss's home, with a lot of special foods. I have not decided if I will eat or not. I still have not figured out a drink option. Did I mention I'm itchy?