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I was hanging at the pool one gorgeous afternoon and received a call from my GP. She had some interesting test results. She was getting ready to tell me something I had figured out a while ago but had not wanted to remotely admit. You seem, for sometime I had noticed I felt bad after eating breads or pasta and my symptoms were getting increasingly worse. As as I said I was by the pool...so it was late Spring...I had been sick since Christmas. I started asking for tests because I was dizzy, exhausted and had tingling in my feet. The preliminary tests had shown vitamin deficiencies and low thyroid.

I did my own research. I knew that there should be an underlying reason for all of this. And I wasn't satisfied just taking supplements. Anyway, my doc confirmed (kinda) my suspicions.... My gene testing for Celiacs was double positive.

Even though I expected the results to be positive, I was at once overwhelmed. My DH immediately got me a beer (how could he know that it was a big slap in my gluten-sick face?). I gratefully drank said beer and followed it with a couple more...All the while knowing we were headed for a painful break-up...

The next day...I started my gluten-free diet. Friends were nice. They brought by every gluten-free beer they could find. I still haven't found one that will do...however, I plan on trying them all.