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Symptoms confusion

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I am new to this forum. :)
I have been diagnosed with Celiac for 5 years after so many tests...I also have DH.
I am following my diet 100% :)
Two years ago I realized that I cannot tolerate milk and soy, so I cut all milk/soy products. :( I went to get tested and it came out negative. I stayed on my diet (Gluten/Milk/Soy)because I was scared to go back to milk and soy...I felt better for some time (7 months or so). Now, again I started getting reactions.

My symptoms now: (I had the same symptoms before I was diagnosed with Celiac but they were severe) :o
-Brain fog (Major symptom!!! I cannot concentrate while working... I forget everything and if I have a meeting I forget what is it for...)
-Mood Problem!! I just feel angry all the time and don't want to talk to anybody. I just want to be on my own. I also feel like nobody is understanding what I am going through and makes more upset...
-Breakout (Face & chest)
-Itching my thighs ( I start itching until it bleeds -Gross!- it also leaves marks)
-The roof of my mouth gets very soar.

I am just confused with my symptoms... :huh:
I also want to go to some Dr who really knows about Celiac ... because most of the Drs I go to they just tell me follow your diet and you will feel better! <_< They don't try to find out why I am still having those symptoms even though I am cutting so many foods...Please tell me if you know any Dr in the Area of New York or New Jersey.