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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Men Aplenty, Men Galore!

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 179 views

[font="Trebuchet MS"][size=4][color="#FF8C00"]So the Ranger struck out. [color="#000000"](crowd jeers.) [/color] For date three, I agreed to go to his house to watch a DVD. After inviting me, he warned me that women never return for another date after coming over. [color="#000000"] (Music: DUN-dun- DUNNNNN!) [/color]He said it's because he has no furniture, and they must be materialistic women. [color="#000000"](mental red flag raises in my mind here) [/color]I responded by saying that I have male friends and brothers, so I realize what bachelor pads can be like.
OMG. No furniture. OK. But he neglected to mention: No floors (only bare concrete), missing walls and some with pink insulation peeking out. Etc. I kept my shoes on and sat on his only furniture- which I'd been forewarned was his bed- to watch the DVD, while his dog and cat (I'm allergic to cats and he'd only told me about the dog) paraded around. He's lived there like that for 3 YEARS? I left without using the restroom.[/color] [color="#4169E1"] I'd rather date a guy who lives in a condo with a roommate! Enter Stageleft: P.E. teacher. This one is really talkative, sports-obsessed, and immature. But he's fun and energetic and average looking. Given all the unappealing things he has told me (very talkative, I must reiterate), I'm betting he's honest. Which is a welcomed trait.
Since he doesn't eat red meat due to being picky about food, he seems super-accepting of others with food quirks. :)
He was very curious about celiac disease (he's taken lots of health courses), and acts totally concerned. He even went to Henry's Food Market with me! Bottom line: He's fun and has the summer off so we can go to sporting events and kayak or whatever. He did TRY to kiss me twice after the first date---emphasis on TRY-- I'm an [b]ace[/b] at dodging-- this time I deftly let my shoe fall off so I could pull away to retrieve it. I think he doesn't get that it was intentional deflection. His dating skills seem low, as evidenced by him calling on Friday afternoon for a date on Saturday. I use behavior modification, by refusing until he learns to ask earlier. Nosy little bugger kept asking what I was doing. I'm going out with the professor, but I led him to believe that I was going out with a group of people. It's a tad dishonest, but men shouldn't ask questions they don't want the answers to. I don't. [/color]
[color="#008080"]Part of the appeal of signing up for "Beginning Golf for Women" was so I wouldn't get unwanted male attention. So, as luck would have it, not only did the instructor hit on me after the final lesson, but he got my # off the registration card and called me three times! He begged me to come to the new lesson and said I wouldn't have to pay! He called again from the golf course telling me he was leaving and wanted to be sure I wasn't on my way over! Whaaa?[/color][/size][u][font="Century Gothic"]Random Rant[/font]:[/u]

[font="Century Gothic"]I went to gasbuddy dot com to find cheap gas and when I arrived at the place, the price was 13 cents more than noted on gas buddy![/font]
[font="Arial Black"]Random Rave:

Go Lakers! Yee-aahhh Bay-bay![/font][/color]
[font="Comic Sans MS"]Random Gluten Free Menu[/font][/color]:[/u]
[color="#9932CC"][font="Century Gothic"]breakfast: Rice Chex
Light Lunch: banana and two apricots
Snack: Platic sleeve popsicle and gluten-free Chocolate Walnut cookie from Trader Joe's
Dinner: New and Improved Glutino Frozen Personal duo cheese Pizza only 420 cals(I added mushrooms)
Half an avocado
Broccoli with a not-so-tasty but healthy dip I painstakenly made from an online recipe using yogurt, fresh herbs, and feta
Glutino pretzels dipped in chocolate frosting[/font][/color]



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