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Review: Larabar



I thought I would add some reviews of the gluten free items I try. I know there are other blogs out there that do this, such as [url="http://www.glutenfreepost.com"]glutenfreepost.com[/url] (and they seem to do an excellent job) but I thought I would do this just in case there are any other people out there that have 'texture issues' like I do. (If you don't know what that means, then I'm guessing you don't have it - I can try a protein bar and love the flavor but have a major issue with the texture - too cakey, too gooey, etc - which will prevent me from ever eating that particular bar again. Yeah, I'm weird. I've learned to live with it. ;) ) Reading reviews of how great protein bars taste does me no good if there's no description of the texture, and I often waste money looking for the elusive perfect protein bar.

[url="http://www.larabar.com"]LARABAR[/url]: Banana Cookie

I was really skeptical about this, but I decided to try it anyway. And I was pleasantly surprised.
I also picked up the Chocoloate Coconut, and was also surprised, but not so pleasantly. :(
But let's talk about the Banana Cookie first.
The texture is strange, but not inedible for me. It's almost cake like, but not. It's made out of dates, almonds and bananas, so imagine eating those three things mooshed up together and there you have it. :D

LARABAR: Chocolate Coconut
This was really not what I expected. I was fine with the texture, but the chocolate taste was really more of an unsweetened baker's chocolate taste (and if I'd bothered to check the ingredients, uhm, that's exactly what it says on there!) Not what I'd call yummy.

Other LARABAR flavors I'd like to try: Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cookie & Coconut Cream Pie

This company also makes JOCOLAT, which has 'organic chocolate' instead of unsweetened chocolate, so it's supposed to be more like a brownie.
I'd like to try the Chocolate and Chocolate Coffee in these.


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