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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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More Test Results - Normal



Got a phone call from the GI doc's office with test results from the stool samples and my colonoscopy biopsies.
"Everything looks normal; no indication of parasites or colitis. Follow ups are usually scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the colonoscopy."

HUH?? :blink: All we've done is rule out some pretty bad stuff (for which I am quite grateful, don't get me wrong!).
I still feel like crap, and now I need to wait 4-6 weeks before we talk about anything else?

I pushed for an earlier follow up appointment, telling the nurse, well we still haven't figured out the problem.
She found me a slot for next week.

So I'll be asking for the remainder of the Celiac Panel bloodwork to be done.......but I don't know what else from there.
I'm debating going back to my primary care doc to have additional bloodwork done to check hormone levels and vitamin/mineral levels.

But maybe that would be wasting my time. Maybe I should just go back to gluten free and be done with this needle in a haystack hunt.

*SIGH* I don't know what to do..........

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i feel for you. i went through what you are doing for like a year and a 1/2 . finally being diagnosed as possibly celiac was somewhat of a relief for me.

they found mine right after the colonoscopy ... becouse they did what they call upper gi. it is only all about the small intestine for me not the large intestine.

it's like the health care industry has this oh well if it ain't cancer ( since thats where we really get um for big bucks) and it ain't gonna kill um, then lets just take our time to figure out whats a little bit wrong with this one.

you feel that?

i'd say if you were doing the whole foods , not gluten possibly no-dairy or little dairy and possibly no-suger or limited sugar and low fat or no-meat. you aren't adding to what ever it is..

maybe they think with time it'll heal itself. i just found out my scrathy throat is from like i have a hayfever knida allergy. like things or pollens i breath in. So if i eat cherrys or strawberrys some of the pollen has gotten on them at this time of year from just being outside. it's hard to be sure to get every bit off . so i ingest some. also maybe in some honeys like from how imuch it was processed it came from pollen.. thats where the bees get their juice. i just need to take a claritin .

keep us posted on what they find for your solution, love and aloha, nanny

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