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No More Stitches

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 203 views

[font="Comic Sans MS"][size=4][color="#2F4F4F"]Thanks again to:*drum roll* [u][b]HEREDITY[/b]![/u] *applause* Thanks to my genes, I-- (like my mom this time ((celiac's from dad)))-- needed a gum graft. Mom said it was awful pain and not to do it. Hers fell off anyway.
So I told the guy he had one shot to make it work. TALK ABOUT DISGUSTING! Embarrassingly enough, I think I had my first [color="#FF00FF"]panic attack [/color]during this one-hour procedure. Growing up without insurance (below the poverty line), I needed lotsa dental work once I grew up and got insurance. So, the shots ain't no big thang.
But, when I caught a glimpse of my very own.... [color="#FF00FF"]blood & guts[/color]...I just didn't expect that much gore! My whole body started to shake and tears came out of my eyes and I had a "freak-out". So, I finally got the stitches out last week. Then, he checks and says, It looks sore. Ya THINK!!!??
Once they were out, it felt SO MUCH better! I had gotten used to a certain level of discomfort. aaaahhhh
Well, at least I lost my [color="#FF00FF"]"grieving fat"[/color]!see previous blog entry[/color]****
[color="#A0522D"]Gluten free food: wasn't eating much...yogurt, cereal, ice cream, fruit, swordfish, brown rice, popsicles, shrimp fajitas with corn tortillas and grilled onions, peppers. Now I can CRUNCH chips n stuff! Made a cake and spanish rice and tacos. Gonna bake acorn squash with apples and nuts inside. My best gal pal is hosting me for turkey day. I want gluten-free PIE![/color]*****
[color="#DDA0DD"]As far as my gram, I feel better about it. I have pics of her all over and I have memories that wash over me.
*****[/color][color="#A0522D"]Went out with a cute, Italian guy. I was talking with my hands, and my ring flew off behind the booth. He was staring at my face and didn't notice...shocked at my own faux pas, I stopped talking, mid-sentence, and he's like, What? I had to 'fess up so we could find it. lo[/color]l[/size][/font]



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