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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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"silly Ass" Disease



[color="#00BFFF"]Last night Travel Dude came over for our indulgence night of American Idol, chili dogs (we pour Wendy's chili over Hebrew National lowfat hot dogs he bakes in the oven and I use Kinnickick gluten-free bun), and romancin. He also brought over Ruffles and (gluten-free) brownies from the pickup window at Outback Steakhouse, but I was too stuffed to eat mine![/color] [color="#0000FF"]My student teacher and I are getting more used to one another. I like her. I just wish she were a harder worker. She's 28, a mom, and finally finishing her degree at her husband's urging. She said she'd rather be a counselor, but after observing one, she discovered they do too much paperwork and she'd rather talk.[/color]
[color="#483D8B"] Anyway, she was gone this morning, so I had the kids sign a canvas bag (I'd ironed a cartoon image onto it, one I'd printed onto that transfer paper stuff) that we'll present to her on her last day. I still have two from when I was a student teacher, and a crafty coffee mug (a parent needlepointed all the kids' names on a sleeve inside the clear part). I cherish them all. I went a little nuts at Michael's and got a canvas wall-hanging that has pockets to hold supplies all over and now it also needs to be decorated for her. I even bought things to sew onto it. And I bought lotsa trinkets to put into the pockets. Like binder clips with apples on them. And puppets. ugh What was I thinking? [/color]
[color="#4B0082"]This is where the silly-ass (celiac) comes in: She has to teach the fractions chapter and to impress her university supervisor who comes to visit weekly, she brought fruit loops for the kids to manipulate last week and this week pieces of BREAD. I just asked that it all be cleaned up.[/color]
[color="#006400"]Random menu: Today I ate Chex cereal for breakfast, celery and peanut butter for lunch, avocado for a snack, and a Heb. Nat'l hotdog on a gluten-free bun with gluten-free chocolate cake for dinner.[/color]
[color="#556B2F"]Tomorrow I have Homework Heroes Lunch with the Teacher. They're all girls this time, and I took their group picture holding their certificates to print onto magnetic paper and cut out for them to keep. They'll also get a certificate, a giant Smencil, and a pink glittery foam tiara to decorate and wear. I'll eat yogurt and berries for lunch, while they eat pizza or whatever from the cafeteria. I set out a fancy tablecloth in the classroom, we eat and chat (they love to have individual attention), and then they decorate the tiaras, doodle on the board, and play games. It's fun, but tiring.[/color]
[color="#FF00FF"] Books I read on vacation that I loved: Honolulu (historical fiction of a mail order bride who came to Hawaii during plantation times), Piece of Cake (true memoir of a crack hooker turned lawyer), and Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy (an Irish author I favor) about a heart clinic's staff and patients and their woes and love stories, fiction.
Gluten Free foods I've tried lately and HATE (whatta waste- must give away or throw out) ugh!:
Ener-G chocolate chip potato cookies- horrible flavor
kinnickick chocolate dipped donuts (frozen)- just gross all the way around



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