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Ice Cream Cones. Serious Summer Goodness!



[color="#9ACD32"][b]Dating Island Boy encouraged a couple trips to L.A., so I multi-tasked...got to taste goodies from [u]The Sensitive Baker [/u](everything was frozen, which was disappointing), but I tried several things, and the only things I'd repeat are the [u]cupcakes and the cookies[/u]. I also tried [u]Mani's Bakery and Cafe[/u], which is supposed to carry gluten-free selections in the bakery, but all they had were [u]peanut butter cookies[/u], which were fair. Crumbly as all get-out. So, I walked down the road, chatting on my cell, and discovered a manicure/pedicure for $19.99, and followed it up with a facial and a visit to [u]Whole Foods. [/u] Each WF carries different things and I was annoyed that this one didn't have my french bread loaves and a couple other items, but they did have a whole row of gluten-free goodies. Chill bumps appeared on my arms and I got all woozy. Just for kicks, I grabbed [u]ice cream sandwiches[/u], which were amazing. They are made with glutenfreeda's cookies. Figuring I should try things I wouldn't normally try, I snatched some ice cream [u]cones ([/u]the plain cone version).They did have a faint aftertaste of rice, but they were great! They didn't crumble! The company that makes them is called Goldbaum's in a blue box and I forgot the name. I took the box and a bucket of strawberry Breyer's ice cream to my celiac support group meeting (aka the meeting down the hall from the AA meeting, where the people look much more colorful, lol- even when people knock on the wrong door, they immediately know they're in the wrong spot...as in, we never get mistaken for the AA's. I kind of take offense to that!) and everyone ate a cone and loved it! Many grateful thanks and one woman even wanted her picture taken, it had been so many years since she'd had an ice cream cone[/b].[/color[color="#0000FF"]]*********************[/color]
[color="#FF8C00"][b]So, time for some updates from the MALEbox:
[u]Traveldude [/u]hasn't been in contact for 3 weeks. My friend, whom he rents a condo from says he's 3 months behind on rent. I'm worried about him.
[u]TwinAbs[/u] and I went dancing to a recently opened club, and it was pure elation. We met there, so I was looking for him, and I noticed this really hot guy, and when he turned, it was him! I forget how amazing he looks. So, we cut a rug for several hours and I enjoyed every second of it. He kept telling me that women keep staring at me and I told him to not bring it up, but we figure it must be because I wore my 5" heels, which makes me 6' tall. They are comfortable, because they have like fabric, not constricting leather uppers. Then we stopped at a diner for breakfast, which is perfect since I can eat eggs and fruit w/o too much trouble. He eats eggwhite omelet. No wonder those abs are so lean. mmmmm. We might plan a trip to Jamaica soon.
While out at the dueling piano bar, my buddy noticed my exbf circa 2006 the [u]Irishprogrammer[/u] this summer, and eventually I accepted his invitation to dinner. I printed out a list of places near his house that could accommodate me, and he chose Carino's Italian, and I had like fish and veggies and really good wine. Anyway, since we had so much fun, I decided to keep seeing him, except to keep in mind that he is not long-term/serious material, due to his Irish temper. We've done the beach (I ate nachos after), the fair(corn and baked potato), the pool, market night, etc. He put a couple things together at my new house.
The bad part is, although I am forthright and let each dude know that I am part of the dating world(as in, not exclusive with them), [u]IslandDude[/u] abruptly stopped contact and it came to my attention that he evidently drove an hour to my house without warning and saw me kiss IrishProgrammer outside. But, I must say, I have plenty of opportunities to snoop or surprise the people I date, but I don't want to go there. So, if you "go there", then you must be ready to handle what you find. When not in an exclusive relationship, men focus on the part where they feel ok to be dating freely themselves , but they never truly allow themselves to believe that the woman is. They always assume she's sitting home, waiting by the phone. Which [u]usually[/u] plays to my advantage....
Anyway, I better go. Drawers to organize, outfits to choose for the week, pineapple to slice.[/b]...[/color]


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