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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Holiday Blues



My husband and I went shopping yesterday to get a few thing for an early Christmas dinner with my kids as they will be with their Dad on Christmas Day. I really started feeling down as we were picking out the normal foods that they usually eat and I can not now. I felt myself getting angry and then sad as we picked up the pumpkin pie knowing I could not have any. I then said to my hubby that I wonder what dessert I can have? Oh I know, Ice Cream with a topping, hahahahaha, found the vanilla ice cream ok but the toppings were impossible so I started feeling upset again. We did manage to find a fruit one but I really wanted a chocolate or butterscotch topping and I guess I will never be able to have those again :(

I really didn't think I would feel so depressed, I thought I would be able to cope with it but I do feel so alone in it.

I will be having a piece of baked Chicken Breast, mashed potatoes and corn bread for my Christmas Dinner, not to bad I guess for being new at this.

Really wish I knew someone else with this so I wouldn't feel so alone.


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You are in no way alone! Hang in there and it will get easier. We are having some tough times too. My son has Celiac and is in the sixth grade. After his Thanksgiving party at school where he couldn't eat anything, I emailed his teacher to please keep me informed about parties so I could send something in for him. The Christmas party came and no email or call from his teacher. He sat in the class as all of his friends ate pizza and hoagies. I was mortified and mad and sad for him, but he handled it like a trooper. He just tore into the banana peppers instead. Thank goodness he was smart and aware enough to explain to his teacher that there were things that he just can't eat!

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Awwww what a real trooper! Thanks for sharing that with me. Reading this makes me realize that I need to find others that have this or know someone that has it, I think that would help me. I would have been mortified also and hurting for my child if they had to go through that. He got through a tough situation and that encourages me to do the same!
Thanks CDiseaseMom!!!!!!!!

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Guest Celiacmamma


Hang in there! I made stuffing for my celiac daughter out of her gluten free bread - so she was able to have that...and I added all the extras she likes - nuts, dried raisins, etc...it was wonderful. I also made an organic, crustless pumpkin pie that was wonderful. Even the non gluten-free people ate it! It's just an adjustment. My daughter was just 2 months from graduating from culinary school as a pastry chef when she got her diagnosis -no wonder she was so sick all the time! But - she's turning it into a positive - learning how to make great tasting, gluten free stuff. Definitely - don't think you're alone!

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It is very encouraging to know that I am not alone.
I am honestly looking forward to learning how to make things and hoping they turn out, hahaha. I would love to make the crustless pumpking pie! That sounds yummy!!!!! Is your enjoying making gluten free foods??? Is she finding it pretty easy to do or is it a challenge for her?
Thanks so much for sharing with me, it sure makes me feel confident knowing there are people out there who do care and that I can do this!!!!!!!!

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Guest Celiacmamma


Yes, she's enjoying the learning, and so am I. I've been tested (blood tests negative) but have an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled in 3 weeks. I'm chronically iron deficient - have been my entire life...and they can't figure out why. With my daughter's diagnosis - they're looking further into Celiac, since her blood tests that did the genetic profiling were so positive - they know she got it from somewhere! It's on my dad's side of the family - not her dads (that we know of) but I don't have any other symptoms like she does, other than being chronically iron deficient.

The downfall, is that things are soooo expensive. I went to purchase a small bag of hazelnut gluten-free flour today....over $11.00 for a 1 pound bag! Ugggh..... So, the challenge will be to make things that taste good, but can be made affordably. That's why I made her the stuffing myself. To purchase "gluten-free bread cubes for stuffing" at Whole Foods - it was over $7...but to grab a few pieces of her bread and toast in the oven to make the cubes...way less money!

We're all in this together. I think as more and more people get diagnosed - it will be easier to find recipes and gluten-free foods more readiy available...and restaurant eating will be easier too! Take care!

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