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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cross Contamination Is It Really That Easy?

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Last night I made some gluten free noodles (which I didn't care for, tasted very weird) and I put gluten free alfredo sauce on it. I made my stuff in there own pots but I was also cooking spagetti for my kids at the same time with their sauce cooking as well...their sauce popped some and got on the stove but I couldn't tell if it did get into my food so I went ahead and ate mine.......Not even 5 minutes after eating mine I had the worst stomach pain and had to rush off to the bathroom....my stomach still hurts this morning :( If the kids sauce did get alittle into my boiling water of noodles is it really that bad????? I'm so shocked about how sick I feel, I guess I will have to cook their food first then mine, dang what a way to spend the evening, spending all night in the kitchen :unsure:
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I'm new to Celiacs.. been one my whole life but finally discovered it. But yes I do believe it is that easy. A great book I found is called "Celiacs Disease" (I found it at Whole Foods) it pulls no punches about the seriousness of everything and the easy of cross contamination.

-Good Luck!

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I've been sick from contamination so much that I'm extremely careful when I make my food. I have my own set of pots and pans that are only used for gluten-free food. My boyfriend will cook his meal and my son's meal on the stove once mine is finished. In the long run, it's not worth getting sick over cross contamination.

BTW, the best pasta is Tinkinyada (it's in a purple package) and is amazing! You can get it at any health food store and if there is a Wal-Mart or Meijer around you, they normally carry it along with their other gluten-free products.

Have you used this pan in the past for any food containing gluten? Believe it or not, I've gotten sick before from using a pan at my mom's house (even after scrubbing it with dawn and a scrubber) even though there was no gluten around my food that was in the pain.

Cross-contamination is so easy! Try to be careful out there :)


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Thanks for the advice and I am learning to be much more careful now. I do my cooking first in my pans before my husband cooks for him and the kids.
I haven't been to whole foods yet..gonna go there for sure to get that book!
Thanks again :)

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I defenitely agree to the Tinkyada Noodles they are the BEST! I only use them, the rest to me are not any good....

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