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On January 9Th, 2010...

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...two things occurred.

One was that I went to a concert and was away from home from noon until 0030 -or, as some people prefer to call it, midnight thirty. It was a Winter Jam, the second concert of the tour. Artists like Newsong, Newsboys, and Third Day (which in my opinion was the best of all), along with many others, were playing from 6 o'clock until past 10:20, when our group decided to skip the rush and leave early.

The other things was ...while I was on my way to be picked up to go to the concert, we got "the call". We had a new brother, the eleventh baby.
What we also learned during that call was that not only was my (our) little brother having respiratory distress (which later improved a lot), but he had Down's Syndrome.

The kind of thing you always read about or imagine happening to other people, but never to you.

I'm not sure what my brain was programmed to at that point, but it wasn't 'that's terrible!' The first thought that entered my mind was, 'that's cool!'
Let me explain. What I have read about and experienced with people who have Down's Syndrome, they are some of the most joyful, loving, caring people on this earth. Who cares if they're mentally disabled. What really matters is their attitude, and if they have the joy of the Lord -God doesn't admit people into heaven based on their mental abilities or their IQ. He cares about the heart. And people with Down's Syndrome have almost no obstacle in their minds to overcome to reach God.
That's why that's so cool.
A bonus God gave us ...people who have Down's Syndrome usually have heart problems and require surgery. My little brother's heart was perfectly sound.
God. Is. Good.

As before and always be,
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