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Doughnut Shops Are Evil :)



I drive for a friend who is visually impaired. Today, on the way to her work, she needed to go to the bank. After the bank, she wanted to walk across to the doughnut shop next door & pick up a couple doughnuts... can you where this is going??...

She can walk from the bank to the doughnut shop okay...normally when she needs to go to the bank, I don't need to, so I stay in the car- if she wants to go to the doughnut shop from there, she can & will... but this time, i needed to cash some checks at the bank, so was with her- it just made sense/ seemed easier to walk w/ her to the doughnut shop.
i have been in there before... but that doesn't make it any easier :(... especailly when you see your favorite things there!!
I love the BIG apple fritters, and BIG bear claws... the bigger, the better! And OMG, they had some HUGE fritters, bear claws, cinnamon rolls (like 2x the size of a normal one!), and, even HUGE twists- with chocoalte frosting & chocolate chips on top! MAN!!! I swear, when we have been in there before, they didn't have those... but we were there earlier than usual today.

What gets me (along with them being soo very tempting) is that when i was doing my gluten challenge a couple months ago (before i decided not to do the testing) is that i tried to find the BIg fritters & bear claws 9as well as other things like maple bars), but all i could find were the measly ones at grocery stores :(. i never looked for them at this doughnut place because, as i said earlier, i hadn't ever seen them before.
Good thing that after 4 years of trying to loose weight, I'm kinda used to not buying much, if anything. Plus my pocket book is happy i didn't buy anything today :)
i'm gonna hafta try finding a gluten-free fritter & bear claw recipe sometime.

But i did enjoy the smell- the smell of a doughnut shop always brings back memories of when i was a girl & we would go to a bakery in the Rose Park area near Salt Lake... my parents had lived there, my brothers when to the Catholic school nearby for a year or two 9just about the only mormon boys at a catholic school...lol...), then about 2 years before i was born, they moved across the Valley (to where i grew up, my parents still live there)... but anyways, every once in a while, we would end up in that area (mostly to go to the dentist...how ironic we would go to a bake shop after visiting the dentist...lol...). But anywho, that place was an old building, and of course the smell of doughnuts baking; This bakery we went to today reminds me a lot of the one from my childhood :). I can enjoy the smell, and the old building, and the walk down memory lane... and thankfully I can do it gluten- free, and guilt- free!


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