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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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The Silent (And Yet Not So Silent) Killer...

Entry posted by Rowena · - 401 views

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#4b0082"][i]Well at least I feel like it is killing me. And no, it ain't one of my intolerances. I wish I could say it was. At least ten I would feel better sooner... But no... Its a stupid, infernal cold! Just as I was starting to return to normal, I caught my husband's cold. And I feel like I got it worse than he did. Between the coughing fits that result in a lot of gagging since I cant throw up very well, my lost voice (which by the way never happens), my cold chills and a fever that I am sure is only barely a fever, because that is all I ever get, and the immense pain.... I feel like I am dying slowly.... And truth be told, it isnt helping my anxiety any. (Though not eating gluten is easier because I dont want to eat at all.) Colds, I hate them... Well actually, I hate any sickness I get. I dont hate my intolerances, because I learn to live with them every day. But the illnesses that come and go, I hate them. I dont like being in so much pain. I dont like feelin like any minute my lungs are going to pop out of my throat. I dont like the Fevers and chills. And worst of all, I hate it when nothing seems to help me feel better.


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sorry to hear you're sick... I would bring you some gluten-free chicken noodle soup of i could, darn it! Take care, & hope you get feeling better soon :)
Have a good nite :)

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