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Adventures In Gluten Free Cooking... My 1St Attempt At Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie

Entry posted by wheeleezdryver · - 448 views

A couple days ago, I happened to catch part of Dr Oz while flipping thru channels, and they shared this recipe:


I thought, 'ohhh that sounds good, I can probably adjust it to gluten-free'-- i mean, it's *only* the crust that needs to be changed (never having made pot pie before, didn't realize they use broth & worstershire sauce).
i went to Winco for most of my Thanksgiving shopping today, and found gluten-free chicken broth (Pacific brand).
(shopping today-- i went, thinking i'm going to have to *try*- get a few extra's- to get to 50$ to get the turkey deal... i spent over 80$$$... lol... plus, the deal on Jennie- o turkeys was .68 c/ lb... on norbest it was .38 (if you buy 50$ worth of groceries (incluidng the turkey)... with it just bing the two of us, i was looking for a small turkey... the smallest I could find was a 18.51 lb Norbest... with the .38 c/ lb deal, it was like 7.02 for a big ole turkey...I went & looked at the turkey breasts (i have gotten a turkey breast before the two of us for T- day & had leftovers)... the cheapest one i could find was 12$... let me just say, as long as i am diligent & put the leftovers in the freezer, we will have Turkey for not only thanksgiving, but also Christmas & New Years (ie, I got the Norbest. snd since some of the turkey farmers in central Utah where I went to junior college were with Norbest, i feel like I was supporting the economy of a place i love:) ).

anyway, so i attemmpted this recipe this evening, with adjustments for gluten-free.
i didn't have onions, so didn't use any (i would have bought some at the store, but didn't know the dried ones i had were all moldy until this evening...)
For the 1/2 cup flour in the pot pie mixture, i used brown rice flour... i suspect that is why the whole mixture turned brown. Next time, i will use a whiter flour, if I want the white color.
worcestershire sauce is gluten-free, according to posts on this site :).
Good heavens the list of ingredients is long... took me a while to get everything together & cooking (also had to defrost & cook the chicken)
I didn't read the directions completely through before starting... i put the whole tsp of pepper IN the pot pie mixture, instead of saving 1/2 for the crust.
I didn't use salt in the pot pie mixture...i figured the broth (which wasn't labeled low sodium) would make up for that

For the crust:
i am currently dairy- free as well, so used some homemade brown rice milk.
for the flour, I used Hodgson Mills All purpose flour. I had never used it before.
i sibbed everything 1:1
The batter was very thick... i had to dig it off the spoon. But never having made a pot pie before, i didn't know what the texture should really be like. i think it needed more water or less flour.

i cooked it for the 30 mins. the crust wasn't brown, but was hard on the outside. it wasn't until i had started dishing it up & cut into the middle that I realized the crust wasn't cooked all the way through :(.

Of course it wasn't perfect or great. thankfully my Dh is a good victim, oopps i mean good sport :). it was okay. a little too peppery for us, Dh ate as much as he could before the pepper started making him cough. Next time, we'll probably use half as much pepper.

it's a filling meal all in itself, and once i get the kinks worked out i think we'll like it.

i have to admit, I'm trying to not feel frustrated and anxious about cooking to Thanksgiving... yes, last year i did gluten-free (only to find out a few things weren't gluten-free), but this will be my first year seriously gluten-free, and dariy free as well. Added to my other intolerances. Each of the last 3 things i've made gluten-free lately didn't turn out as i wanted (pumpkin pancakes about a month ago, some chicken/ cabbage thing, and now this). would've been nice to know/ feel i have something turn out good :). But oh well. i hope to have some time this weekend to at least try out making some gluten-free/ df cornbread, and pumpkin pie.
and the apple pie cheesecake recipe i found & want to make for Dh's b- day on monday 9okay, so that one's not dairy- free, but I think i can manage it)



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