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From: Tell Me About "gluten Defense" Pills

Entry posted by Skylark · - 1,413 views

The enzyme in all the so-called gluten pills is DPP-IV. It is NOT one of the enzymes in clinical trials and it will not detoxify gluten. It does not cleave internal di-prolines, which are what cause problems digesting gluten in the first place. DPP-IV only works on prolines at the ends of peptides. These companies are lying, using the FDA dietary supplement loopholes.

Most of the pills are enzyme mixes. Celiacs tend to have reduced pancreatic activity, so a lot of people find the "gluten defense" style pills help them feel better after a meal. This leads them to believe the pills are breaking down gluten. They're not helping with the gluten at all. What they're doing is adding some enzymes and if your pancreas isn't working well, you feel a little better.

Anyone who finds these pills helpful can save money with a less expensive digestive enzyme supplement. Once you've been gluten-free for a while and healed, your pancreas should crank out enough enzymes that you can stop using them.

Source: [url=http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/85385-tell-me-about-gluten-defense-pills/page__view__findpost__p__734087]Tell Me About "gluten Defense" Pills[/url]



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