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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Who's Frustrated? Oh Wait...that's Me....



If I really am honest, I began this journey years ago as a kid always overweight not understanding why. Finally was able to lose the weight in college actually through eliminating gluten, just not realizing it.

Fast forward to two years ago. Gained the weight back...stubborn acne and still suffering from stomach issues. Gyno tests my hormones-they're normal. Then tests for PCOS-comes back negative. I so badly want to figure out what the heck is wrong with me-I'm successful in every other area of my life minus this...so I start searching...and training three times a week with a personal trainer with some result, but not where it needs to be.

Fast forward to four months ago. Met with a nutritionist on whim cause I changed gyms, it came free with the membership, blah blah blah. Immediately she tests for Food Intolerance and of the 32 foods I tested positive for 29 - including wheat, dairy, oats, barley, rye. I start to eliminate those foods and notice a 15lb drop immediately and thought wow this is bananas, finally!!

Anyone who's tried to make a major life change like that when you've got that many intolerances knows for the first couple weeks you're jazzed and thrilled that maybe, JUST MAYBE you've found the missing link...till its time to try and reintroduce the foods.

Sigh....in comes the frustration. Reintroducing the food not only didn't work, it made my symtoms TEN TIMES WORSE. and then it finally hit me-I need to go get checked for Celiac. Once I made it to that mental milestone in my head then I realized this most likely will be a permanent life change. Its so hard explaining to someone why you can't eat something and they just look at you like, what's wrong with that chick? Or when you ask, you mean its not normal for your stomach to hurt after you eat?

I'm totally frustrated by the weird looks, lack of family support and overall major change-I feel like I've gone to a foreign food country where you say, well let's give it a go and see if this tastes like crap or not LOL.

I know it will get better and I know my body will thank me for this and I think after 28 years I've finally found what I've been looking for all this time. I just have to accept it and know this is a permanent change and that there will always be people who just don't understand. Hopefully my family becomes more supportive and I can encourage them to get tested because they all have the exact same symptoms.

So if you're frustrated like me going thought this shift feel free to write back. Its good to know that others think this sucks too on some level.

Each week it gets better right???


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i understand every word, i am 18 and have had celiac since i was ten. people give me strange looks all the time when i tell them why i cant go out to eat with them. It sucks alot, and most people with very damaged intestines from all the gluten and develope a lactose intolerance and a soy intolorance. so if your still having troubles i would eliminate soy out of your diet. all things that say "soy lenthin or vegtible oil or soybean oil" it helped for me :) goodluck, i hope things get better.

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I can't seem to lose even after taking all this out of my diet...I am very frustrated...up 30 lbs

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