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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Where I Stand And Taking One

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It has been a while since my last post. I came home from medical school to think things over, but it has been the best decision for me. My head is screwed on straight and I am really focused. It has been an interesting few weeks. I came home to stay with a family member with Celiac, who was diagnosed 1 year ago. It is mind boggling just how little she knew about her condition and the danger in her everyday eating habits. It really saddens my heart that doctors do not educate patients more on this condition and refer Celiac patients to Celiac nutrition specialist. I have had only a couple of days where my stomach symptoms have resurfaced, but all and all I am doing fantastic. My ankles have not swollen. It is an everyday victory when I look down and they are normal, well what I am slowing getting used to as normal.

The hardest struggle has been not following along with others. As mentioned before I am living with a family member with Celiac. Her daughter is also very contentious as well, but still I have to think twice when they hand me things or when we cook. The other battle has been that of the rest of the family constantly saying "oh I doubt this has gluten in it." I remember one afternoon when one tried to hand me gummy vitamins. I said "no thank you I can't those have gluten." The response, "no way" as he proceeded to read the ingredients low and behold the 7th on the list "WHEAT." So word to the wise be courageous, cautious, and careful for yourself. Doubt everyone and trust nothing, because at the end of the day your the one that gets sick while they complain and moan about you not feeling 100% up to par. Be Brave! I know we can do it!
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I have family that does that too. I have used the complicated medical jargon that makes them think I totally know what I'm doing. lol "This substance is derived from wheat and will cause me to have theses symptoms of indegestion and take weeks for healing..." But they forget things because they don't have it. Well, most don't.

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