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I Don't Have Celiac.

Entry posted by Sandra Lee · - 371 views

Doctor tested me for Celiac and it was negative. So i think it's just Gluten intolerance. Doc told me to take a allergy pill every day and avoid gluten. The allergy pill seems to make it feel better. My cheeks are not as red either. But sometimes when i eat certain things i will still burn a little bit. So what else could be hidden that im reacting to, having a hard time pinpointing it! Does anybody with the gluten intolerance burn in the feet and the legs as well?
Also notice i will get like a bump on the inside of my mouth on my bottom lip, which comes and go's! This is so frustrating!!


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Sandra, gluten seems to effect everyone differently! Most people with a gluten sensitivity and celiacs usually have other food sensitivities due to the inflammation in the gut. You might need to have a food sensitivity test done also, you certainly don't want to take an allergy pill daily! If you want any info on food sensitivity testing, let me know! Good luck!

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