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I Hate My Body For Hurting Me



ok i have never bloged before so yall will have to put up with my bad spelling lol

i dont know where to start really i guess ill start with my body decided to become super sensitive to everything nighshades are deadly to me as is gluten soy lactose now im thinking eggs as well pritty much anything that tastes good lol

my brain and body are not gettin along very well brain says yea yea yea eat this it wll be good body says ill hurt you real bad if you eat it brain wins body was right good greif

i woke up this morning i can barely talk it really hurts to type why am i typing not sure lol just cause i want to get this out there

dr's are not much help just keep telling me if it makes you react dont eat it
ok so im down to only eating nothing much at all
im so hungry every time i look at a recpie it has an allergin in it of some sort im not very experienced in creating safe meals or trying to figure out where in the heck to buy this stuff and the price scares the budget half to death so i try and go as simple as possible

i made muffins yesterday with rice flour cranberries blue berries it was a pritty simple basic recpie i wonder if something in that caused a flair up

or was it the tapicoa i made with vanilla egg and coconut milk

what ever it was i feel like i consumed nighshades my every joint in my body akes my throat hurts im so tired and feel liek a blow fish

im trying chamilie tea but that burns
i have soothing tea with fennelgreek ginger and peppermint ohhh that burns
ok giving up on a hot drink switching to water with glutimine in it

i made some turkey bone broth and i also cooked a chicken last night ill be cooking that sucker down

i will try and sip at that turkey bone broth see if that helps any

thats it for now until next time :)


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