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And The Fight Continues

Entry posted by collgwg · - 366 views

with the war of the brain and body brain says yes body says ill hurt you real bad if you do

feeling a bit better today still swollen in all joints eyes are puffy im hoping that it will calm down as the day progresses

made a cup of decaf coffee bad but drank half and yuck dumped it out bad habbits are hard to break i suppose

grabed watter added L glutimine (sp?) and ill prob grab a bowl of rice chex and lf milk

putting a pork roast in the oven with tumeric mustard pw herbmare onion and garlic served with green beans

i have to go to a coffee party tonight for the opening of a friends new photo studio they are brining cinnabons from the states supoosed to be ultra good feeling rather sad i can not partake in this eating of the yumminess but i really do not want my body to hurt me real bad for long time lol if i were to eat one i know i will be in bed for 3 -4 days with after affects still lingering up to 3 more days so yea its really not worth it ok body you win this round lol

well thats it for now until next time
listen to your body it knows best



Cinnabons are fabulous - for the first hour out of the oven. After that, they get dry and the icing gets wierd. You are not missing much. The roast sounds delish.

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one of my friends has crones and she ate one we barely made it home when the D hit poor think tho i did laugh and feel rather good that i did not even touch them and i was not in the other bathroom doing the same thing

so i play it healthy and come home and make rice flour baking biscuts and omg not good i might as well ate the cinnabons no D but my guts hurt burned and killed and bloated right up all evening


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