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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Loreal Products



I have recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I have been using two Loreal products for a while and I do not know do they contain gluten or not. The first one is Loreal infallible make up and the second one is Loreal excellence creme. Does anybody know more details about these products? Thank you.


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This is the blog section. If you would like to ask questions and get answers, you should post on the forum under products. You might look around there and find info people have already posted about beauty products, too.

You can email Loreal and see if they can tell you.

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Thank you for the information. I found on the products the Loreal's web page, the phone number and the address, but NOT the e-mail which I can use for the question:(

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Loreal Infallible what? (Mascara, foundation, blush) Makeup lines can vary by product as to whether they contain gluten. Not being a user of Loreal myself, I think excellence creme is a hair color kit, yes? I would pay particular attention to the conditioner in the kit, as I doubt highly it's gluten free. Actually yeah, now that I look up the ingredients, the conditioner is definitely not gluten free.
I did a spot check on your Infallible,and it looks like it's mostly foundations? Nothing glutenous jumped out at me, but you'd really have to go through the ingredients on the bottle. If you need a list of common ingredients to watch out for in cosmetics, let me know!

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